Actions Have Consequences

Dear Editor,

One of the cornerstones of any civilized population is the concept that actions have consequences. Hoda Muthana, the ISIS bride, voluntarily turned surrendered her birthright of American citizenship and joined the brutal terrorist organization. Now that they are being stomped into paste she suddenly is saying “Oops, my bad. I want to come home to mommy and daddy so they can help me raise my little child.” And there’s a British girl in same boat wanting the same thing.

My answer? Welcome to life. Get used to it.

The NC legislature is considering a ban on the death penalty. They are claiming it doesn’t work and it’s only been used a few times. Maybe it didn’t work because it wasn’t used as often as it should have. And the same thing can be said of any law, rule or regulation. Why bother to create them if you aren’t going to enforce them. The only thing worse is having double standards…one set of rules for us common peons and another set for the Lords and Ladies that rule over us instead of working for us as they are supposed to be doing. We get out lives ruined while they get their hand slapped and disinvited to a few parties for a while.

The mindless child mob that tore down the Silent Sam statue, the Duke Lacrosse team improperly tried for rape, the Covington school boys accused of racism, and the numerous other false stories generated for political or personal gain. With the exception of the Covington case the perpetrators were never punished thus giving permission to do it again.

To not allow those ISIS brides back into their countries and the $250 million lawsuit filed against the Washington Post are strides in the right direction. If and when the case against that Empire actor is proven he needs to go away for as long as the law allows. This is the only way this garbage will stop.

Another aspect of this when a DA plea bargains. No plea bargain should be accepted unless it has first been accepted by the victims.

Negative actions must have negative consequences otherwise you have anarchy, not civilization. It becomes a world of every man and woman for themselves. In other words, socialism.

Go Galt and save the Republic

Alan Marshall