Liberals Hate Your Car

Dear Editor,

As the Biden administration prohibits any and all new oil and gas drilling leases on public land (CNN Ella Nilson, 2/21/22), you can look forward to the price of gas skyrocketing – even more.

The man who killed the badly needed Keystone XL oil pipeline, on his first day as president – by executive fiat – even now wants to impoverish you more. Shortly after it became clear that the senile old man won the presidential election, I saved a couple of gas receipts in my scrapbook and wrote, “I wonder how long it will take for the Democrats to double the price of gas.”  

The price was $1.79.9. I filled up yesterday; each gallon cost me $3.59.9. It took them just over a year to double the cost to fill up your car. And they’re trying to jack up the price even higher.

The left resents and despises the private automobile, because it is the embodiment and expression of individual freedom. That is why they are trying to make driving as costly, frustrating, time consuming and troublesome as they can.

And they claim to represent ordinary people …

Austin Morris