The “Country” Is Gone

Dear Editor,

I just read about a rezoning request on property at NC 150 and Spencer Dixon Road. The article was in the Rhino Times.  This article stated a lot of people were against it because they moved to that area to be in the country.

I live at 6811 Spencer Dixon Road. My home was built in 1978.  When I moved to this area it was in the country. A lot has changed since 1978.  I think about 1 acre of land was required to build a home and there was no “high density housing.”  About 75 percent or more of the housing and population of this area did not exist in 1978. The “country” is long gone.

The land under consideration for rezoning had been in the Shaw family for over 100 years.  I am not acquainted with the current owner. However, Flake Shaw and myself were friends.  Mr. Shaw was an asset to Guilford County. He served on the Guilford County Planning Board for over a decade.

I don’t understand why rezoning this property is of such concern.  Was the rezoning at the intersection of NC 150 and Church Street a major problem?  Sometimes it’s hard to find a parking place at the Lowe’s Food store.

I use to deer hunt with a high powered rifle on the property located at the Southwest corner of NC 150 and Lake Brandt Road. As I recall, a Mr. Florence owned that “country” property.  In the evening if you drive into the parking lot of the business’s located at Lake Brandt Road, you will be lucky to find a parking place, unless you use the area where Southern States use to be. I never understood why Southern States wanted a store at that location. Farms were gone.

I personally believe that the argument for keeping this area “country” is laughable.  A new shopping area could possibly prove to be a benefit. It might cut down on the traffic on Lake Brandt Road and Church Street. A convenience store would be great.

Larry Chandler