Who Made The Decision To Lie?

Dear Editor,

The congressional committee questioning the Twitter people have an important and well-defined task in front of them.

The FBI had Hunter’s laptop (full of evidence of Biden crimes) for about a year before the Post story.  Who made the decision not to prosecute and what was the rationale?

The FBI knew the laptop was real and not Russian and lied to Twitter, Fakebook et al. in order to pressure them to censor the story and thereby elect Biden. Who made that decision to lie and induce crucial censorship?

Without answering these two fundamental questions, there isn’t a prayer of rectifying the corrupt FBI.  Continuation of a deeply dishonest FBI and DOJ renders the rest of it pointless.

Will Ferrell


Ohioans In Trouble Being Ignored

Dear Editor,

Back on Feb. 3, a train derailed and caught fire in a town in northeast Ohio. It was carrying hazardous chemicals. The authorities initially ordered everyone within a one mile radius to evacuate, which was a good move on their part. About a week later they let everyone begin to return home saying the hazard was minimal/under control after conducting a “controlled release” of the material as part of their attempt to control the situation. Very shortly people began complaining of a variety of physical problems. Additionally, animals in the area began showing physical problems up to and including death. Also, water sources, including the Ohio River, showed obvious signs of contamination to include large numbers of dead fish. Yet little was done by local officials and virtually nothing at the federal level. The secretary of transportation has yet to visit, let alone order and direct actions at the national level.

Uncle Joe and his sycophants can bend over backwards to accommodate people coming into this country illegally but are currently ignoring an American town and its American citizens that are facing the potential loss of their homes and livelihoods for years, not to mention the years of health issues they won’t be able to afford to treat.

Where are the facilities to house these people? Why isn’t there a rush to take care of American families? Additionally, are we ever going to find out how this happened, who is responsible, and what is being done to correct things, if it can be done?

Wait a minute … I have the answer. Let’s declare the people of these American towns (I’m including those downstream that will be affected) illegal aliens and then we’ll see more resources then they will ever need being airdropped to them by the Biden regime. They will be able to get anything they need … more than they need.

I was born and raised in a small town in Ohio, so I know the mindset of these people. It’s the same in small towns all over the country. Just give us a hand up, not a handout. We are what make America the shining star it is. Whiny liberals need not apply.

Buckeyes will survive in spite of the federal government. And BTW, the current governor better remember who put him there.

And yes, I’m a proud Damn Yankee!

Carpe diem, fellow Buckeyes.

Alan Marshall