Frog In A Pot Of Water

Dear Editor,

So first (literally) Slow Uncle Joe cancels progress on the wall on the southern border. Then he starts mucking up the process for maintaining some semblance of order on the same border, even taking advantage of a lie generated by spineless, whiny, bleeding heart liberals about border agents whipping illegal aliens crossing the border. And I might point out that even though they have been proven innocent still have not been apologized to.

But back to the attempts by un-American individuals to destroy the greatest experiment in democracy ever conceived.

The next step was to defang the Border Patrol by overwhelming them with anything they could think up yet still have some vague resemblance to their primary duty in order to avoid being blamed for the ultimate end result. Simultaneously they (the (National Socialist) Democrat Party) began trying to find some way to legalize the (mostly) nonviolent invasion of the US by a foreign army. And with the help of the mainstream media they have pretty much been able to make great progress on whatever their plans have been.

But then there was a bit of an upset. They lost control of the House. Now the question is, will the Republicans remember that the House is the people’s House and we the people expect them to start getting to the bottom of the Biden crime family, starting with Hunter. The problem is how long will it take and how much more damage to this country will they be able to do before they are removed one way or another. (And no, PG Chris, I am not referring to a violent end as much as you would like to be able to accuse me of that.)

American voters need to remember that those representatives work for us, not for the various political mobs that populate swamp. The biggest part of the problem is without a proper education on how our system of government works, something older Americans like me and others were required to learn in high school, how we can expect people to see how things are slowly changing. Think frog in a pot of water on a stove.

Read the Constitution, ladies and gentleman, in particular the 10th Amendment. Think how they’ve made changes to selected laws and policies that would allow them to develop a workaround to the 10th Amendment.

Frog in a pot folks.

Carpe diem.

Alan Marshall