Simkins PAC Endorses Frankie Jones For Commissioner

Dear Editor,

As a result of the recent passing of the civil rights icon and County Commissioner Carolyn Coleman, there is now a need to select her replacement for the Guilford County Board of Commissioners.

The Simkins PAC unanimously endorses Frankie Jones Jr. to serve out the remaining term of Commissioner Carolyn Coleman’s term. Frankie is well-prepared to take on the responsibilities that are required of a county commissioner. He has the temperament, intelligence, training and broad community involvement that would bode well for a successful tenure as a county commissioner.

We support Frankie Jones Jr. without hesitation or reservation. He has our total confidence as well as our 100 percent endorsement.

Steve Bowden

Chairman George C. Simkins Jr. Political Action Committee



Institutional Racism Alive And Well In Guilford County Schools

Dear Editor,

Institutional or systemic racism is often lauded by conservatives as a contrived notion.

In Guilford County Schools (GCS), however, there is a blatant and pervasive example of institutional racism that has been plaguing the district for decades. GCS has experienced the widening of the achievement gap, the phenomenon of Black students severely underperforming white and Asian students academically. Schools that predominantly serve Black communities are in the worst structural condition than those in white communities. Schools that serve Black communities comprise more novice and unlicensed teachers than those in white communities. These data are accessed via tools maintained by NC Department of Public Education.

Interestingly, the district has been dominated by Democrats for over 30 years with many of them consistently addressing systemic racism and equity. The question remains: Why have they only provided lip-service to these issues? Why have businesses been developed designed to capitalize on the plight of the Black community rather than fix it?

Institutional racism is alive in Guilford County Schools, make no mistake. Sadly, it was contrived, fostered, and catalyzed by the Democrats of the Board of Education who would rather maintain and profit from the talking point than to effect change.

Vote the New Vision New Direction candidates.

Rick Stegall