An Existential And Imminent Threat To US

Dear Editor,

Each school summer holiday I would look forward to spending a fortnight at my uncle’s flat in East Ham, London. He had no kids, and he enjoyed taking me to see the sights as much as I enjoyed seeing them. It was thrilling as a teenager to experience the cosmopolitan and sophisticated capital. I loved the Science Museum, the plays in the West End, the Tube, the cheeky and hilarious Cockneys, the ancient and historic pubs (even if I had to sit outside), the electric atmosphere and hustle & bustle of the big city. It was awesome to a teenage boy from Wales.

We never gave a second thought to the fact that it was clean and crime-free. That was taken for granted. The worst thing we worried about was being on a bus when the pubs closed. You’d invariably have to endure some boisterous lads and lasses who were three sheets to the wind. But they were good natured and loud, not threatening.

That was then. This is now.

In 2022 I am appalled by the filthy streets. I am dismayed that we must look over our shoulder for the “moped muggers” and an array of other street criminals.

I am saddened that catching another person’s eye results in a blank or hostile glare, rather than a smile or a nod. East Ham now has few white British residents. The cheerful Cockney lads are long gone. London as a whole is unrecognizable compared to the magical and awe-inspiring city it was in the ’70s.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Britain’s two largest cities now contain only a minority of white people. London is just 37 percent white.

The nation whose cultural, social and religious unity and mortar-like cohesion brought it through the Blitz and the Nazi onslaught no longer exists. Incredibly, its people are exhorted to celebrate its balkanization and newfound fractiousness. They call it “diversity.” Some of the millions who have poured into our little island have integrated, but many have not, and even believe their own culture and values superior, no matter how barbaric and primitive. And so the British people are expected to tolerate female genital mutilation, child marriage, Sharia law and other utterly foreign and repugnant practices never before seen in our dear, decent old country. So this the diversity we are constantly called upon to celebrate?

There is no fixing it. You can’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again. You can’t deport millions and their prodigious progeny, but you can police your borders and enforce your immigration laws – so as to prevent it from happening to your country.

Otherwise, you find that your country is permanently and irredeemably altered. As you import the Third World, so you become the Third World.

This is an existential and imminent threat to the America we know and love. It is too late for my country of birth, but it is not yet too late for my wonderful adopted country. Donald Trump understood this, and he tried to build a wall to save the America we know.

The Democrat Party is opening the floodgates so as to destroy it.

Vote wisely. Your children’s future is at stake. And the destiny of this country.

Austin Morris