Pay Attention To Facts Not Feelings

Dear Editor,

Do libs ever act upon factual information?  Evidently someone insisted, in the hearing of the mayor, that she must do something about the murder rate, and she did.  Giving it lip service. 

We have a very good, very effective police department, except when our mayor knows better than trained officers.  Then they are told how to deal with an issue by members of the city council.  I believe our chief and his staff are capable of dealing with criminals if their solutions didn’t have to receive the approval of unqualified members of our City Council.

The voters in Greensboro have what they wanted and we also have what they wanted.  C’mon, people!  What does it take for some of you to look at results rather than “feel good” decisions?  Evidence abounds when you look at cities run by Democrats for years versus those run by conservatives.  A chunk of the stimulus money that could help suffering businesses will be redirected to satisfy the eternal needs of liberal cities, so they can give it away to people who should not even be in this country.  And don’t even think about telling me I have no compassion for citizens in need.  We can easily take very good care of them, if we were not wasting money on programs designed and built for those who have invaded the United States.

I hope and pray that at least some of you ponder this missive before you completely disregard its content.

Rich Carrera