The US Is Being Invaded

Dear Editor,

Invasion: an occasion when a large number of people or things come to a place in an annoying and unwanted way.

This country is being invaded, and anyone who tries to say otherwise is not and/or will not face reality. For all intents and purposes we no longer have a viable southern border and the northern border isn’t far behind.

The single biggest reason for this, and I really want to hear any logical disagreement, is the figurehead sitting in the White House calling himself President. It seems like every time we turn around we are hearing about how a new record is being set for the number of illegals being allowed to cross into our country, being processed, being given money, OUR tax money, phones (who pays the bill on those?), material support, and worst of all, free transportation to anywhere in the country they want to go. Again, it’s not really free…WE are paying for it! Oh, and let’s not forget these illegals are being told ‘see you in a few years for a hearing.’

Not only is the Border Patrol overwhelmed and are not patrolling the border, they have pulled air marshals, folks who are supposed to be monitoring flights, to help process these invaders.

Many will say I’m being cruel, but let’s face facts, we have Americans who are in desperate need of help but don’t have the time of day. What are we going to do with the millions, yes millions, of illegals currently in this country and more coming every day.

As I’ve said, this is, by definition, an invasion. How do you counter an invasion? You deploy military forces, with appropriate rules of engagement, to stop it. Not slow it down, but stop it. The other thing is those that are already here are rounded up and detained until they can be deported.

American taxpayers are tired of being expected to support people who flagrantly break our laws. I have family who came to this country using the legal system. If they can, so can anyone. Stop the flood.

Carpe diem,

Alan Marshall