Changing Employee Pay Is Risky Business

Dear Editor,

City of Greensboro’s changeover to a biweekly pay schedule should be questioned by all.

In a biweekly payroll system, employees make 8 percent less throughout the year while the city accrues interest on the portion withheld from employees. At the City Council meeting, the firemen union’s speaker asked for further review before placing this financial hardship on the employees. For example, the City’s monthly payroll is $14.6 million. The 8 percent held is almost $1.2 million, compound the interest, and after 6 months, the city is holding $7 million in money that should have been paid to employees. This is a modest estimate.

Should the city assume the risk of losing the few remaining employees due to their lack of foresight? Many are already forced to leave in search of higher paying jobs. Is now the time to reduce take home pay? After being caught planning to deduct benefits 26 times per year and this biweekly payroll system places more financial burden on employees.

The city should not risk withholding part of the salary when families are already struggling to make ends meet. Who protects those who serve to protect?

Heather Hice Davis


You Asked For It, You Got It

Dear Editor,

With Republicans talking about they are planning “hearings” on this and that, the main one being the border crisis, I only have one question. When will the hearings end and action begin? In other words, you know the problem, you’ve known the problem, and so what are you going to do about it? The (National Socialist) Democrat Party decided to hold “hearings” on the January 6thevent but seemed to be focusing on who they can blame, not on why it happened.

Here’s a hint for all those professional politicians both Republican and Democrat…We the People are P.O.ed and want action, not a bunch of overpaid suits sitting around talking about it!

Republicans, if you haven’t got the answers by now, and don’t try this ‘we need hearings to get the answers’ crap, you need to be fired now, and replaced by someone who has a brain and a pair (go ahead Chris, cry sexist) and will take action. Am I talking about overthrowing the government? No, I am talking about throwing them out and replacing them with someone who’ll take action, not talk.

I once wrote a letter about how we need to build a wall around D.C., put up dummy cameras in the House and Senate chambers and let those clowns talk while we set up a new Capital in the Midwest, vote in people (with term limits) who are serious about this country, and get back what we lost. Anybody else for that?

Look at this $1.7 trillion budget they passed. It’s a legal(?) vote buying scam. Look at their salaries…six figures? And those stables of gofers and assistants they maintain, again on our dime. How about this, you pay them out of your salary. Can you imagine how much we taxpayers could save?

But keep in mind it’s not just the professional politicians who are at fault here. There is one other group who carries blame. Who is it? Look in the mirror. As the old Toyota commercial goes, “You asked for it, you got it…”

I’m going to be called a right-wing radical, a danger to society, a wacko, etc. and I don’t care. What are people going to try to do, get me fired? Go ahead. I get military retirement, military disability, and S.S. so go ahead, make my day.

Do I blame all politicians? No, there are some good ones.

Carpe Diem

Alan Marshall