Somebody Has To Pay The Bill

Dear Editor,

Title 42 is about to expire and at the time of this writing the U.S. Supreme Court is considering putting a hold on the expiration. Title 42 has not been the most effective act by any means, but it was better than what was there, which was nothing.

We are currently hearing how illegals are massing at the border waiting for the expiration date so they can flood across the border, overwhelming border officials. And who knows how many people who have evil intentions against this country are among them. Also, there are those that intend to come here for the potential free handouts, only they are not free because somebody has to pay for them.

To my knowledge nobody in the federal government can give an accurate number of how many illegals are in this country. Then there is the number that they have had to release with order-to-appear paperwork. We know how that’s going to work. Another thing is the number of illegals that have committed crimes, some high-level felonies, against American citizens, were finally deported only to return and do it again. Add to this the recent report that there are illegals in 433 of the 435 congressional districts, which means all 50 states have illegals in them. The question now is who is paying for that and more importantly why. And also being reported is that NGOs, with federal aid, are the undercover agents doing this. The feds round them up and give them over to NGOs who then move them all over. Where is the tracking? Where is the accountability?

The obvious answer is to round up anyone here illegally and send them back across the border. Mexico is allowing them, for the most part; in so they should have to deal with it. Is this realistic? No, but those that can be found should be. Employers that are found hiring them need to be heavily fined.

Does all this sound cruel and inhumane? It does, but things are quickly reaching a point where we can only afford to help if we cut back on necessary service and supplies that Americans need.

When American citizens cannot get or have their basic services reduced because the local governments cannot provide them what will happen? Anybody care to guess?

Carpe diem, ya’ll.

Alan Marshall