City Savings Headed Down The Drain

Dear Editor,

A search of the city of Greensboro website says:

“The City offers trash collection to over 83,000 residential and business locations.”

A stamp is 50 cents (for argument’s sake) so roughly – $41,500 for this “correction” of the recycling calendar – not including printing costs – let’s guess the same cost so this mistake by Greensboro costed at least $83,000.

How much “savings” is supposed to be realized by not collecting leaves anymore?  Supposedly $3.7 million was to be saved by doing away with the loose leaf collection – so 2.2 percent of that “savings” was just flushed down the toilet due to a typo.

And just so you think about it, what will it cost the city to unclog storm drains when folks don’t collect leaves and “Leave the Leaves” where they fall?  Savings?  I doubt it.

  1. Bowen