Greensboro Now The Wild Wild West

Dear Editor,

I had an interesting conversation with an off-duty Greensboro police officer regarding illegal dirt bikes and ATVs on our city streets today. Guess what, GPD has mandated officers are not to stop or pursue illegal dirt bikes or ATVs on our city streets!

Adding insult to injury, an individual on Lee’s Chapel Road had a dirt bike advertised for sale. A potential buyer visited him to buy it and asked if he could take it for a test ride. The individual agreed.  The potential buyer never returned! If the Greensboro Police Department is not monitoring and enforcing the law.  How will a stolen dirt bike ever be recovered?

Greensboro has become the Wild Wild West of today as there is no longer any respect and/or enforcement of our laws.  My only advice to our law-abiding citizens, “Beware and protect yourself, you are on your own”!

Why would anyone want to be a police officer with the Greensboro Police Department when they can’t do their sworn duty to enforce the laws of Greensboro, the State of North Carolina and the United States? Even New York has a solution for criminals on dirt bikes and ATVs. Time for our city leaders to wake up and protect our law-abiding citizens.

Jim Donaldson