Winston-Salem Increased Loose Leaf Collection

Dear Editor,

The decision by Greensboro City Council to remove loose leaf collection is a slap in the face to the city. Not only is this service critical, it is being taken away at a time when the citizens are paying 30 percent more property taxes thanks to reevaluations (the number thrown around is $120 million additional tax revenue). It seems the council is bent on finding ways of spending money for new projects, raises and new hires, yet decides to take away a critical service for residents.

The solution is not to take away the service, but to increase the service. The city of Winston-Salem proudly states on their customer service line that they have increased their vacuum equipment by 41 percent. The city of Winston-Salem has doubled its service by serving two quadrants at a time versus one at a time last year. By speeding up the collection they address the lame excuse of traffic issues caused by leaf piles. They are performing three collections per quadrant. This is a city that is addressing the solution instead of throwing up its arms and deserting the taxpayers.

For the Greensboro City Council to make the decision to stop providing loose leaf pick up when they are acutely aware of the citizen’s need for this service is pure neglect and an insult to the citizens they are supposed to serve.

Geoff Beaston