Banning Guns Won’t Stop Crime

Dear Editor,

The (National Socialists) Democrat party and their comrades in the leftist, Marxist/communist movement are at it again. But this time they seem to think they have some kind of momentum based on current events.

I was wondering when they would get around to it and now that they found a Soros-backed, law-hating attorney general in (surprise, surprise) New York that has sold her soul, her scruples, her honor and is totally disregarding her oath of office to obey the orders of her lords and masters.

They’re attacking the NRA, attempting to destroy the organization, foolishly thinking if they do that they will be able to bring down the Second Amendment.

Uncle Joe has already announced that if he becomes president he is going to reinstitute the so-called “assault weapons” ban. For those who don’t know what an assault weapon is, join the club. I spent 20 years in the military and have been around guns my whole life and I’ve never seen or heard of an assault weapon, unless they are referring to that “scary black rifle” that sends liberals and social justice whiners into fits.

What has always made me laugh are the people that appear to honestly believe that if we ban guns and collect them all up we will end the problem, crime will become almost non-existent, people will be safer and flying unicorns will poop rainbow ice cream for everyone on demand.

This country was won by regular citizens who were armed and organized into a force to stand up against a king. They refused to give in to a government that didn’t really care about them (sort of sounds familiar) and looked upon them as barely second-class citizens that required their betters to look out for them. (OK, now it really sounds familiar.) That government was supplemented by other citizens who sucked up to it thinking that they would be rewarded for being good little sycophants. Some were stunned when that government turned on them. (“But I’m on your side!”)

I already know the rhetoric that is going to come my way, and like always I don’t care. These people live in a dream world. It will be up to others to make sure their rights are preserved.

You’re welcome

As King Leonidas announced at the Battle of Thermopylae when Xerxes demanded they surrender their weapons.

Molon Labe – come and take them.

Alan Marshall