Dems Believe They Are Above The Law

Dear Editor,

Is anybody surprised the White House not only knew about the raid on Trump’s compound, they reportedly authorized it? And is anyone surprised they vehemently denied knowing anything about it, with the exception of Uncle Joe. He’s probably the only one in the WH that can honestly say he didn’t know, and not because of plausible deniability.

My question is are the seized documents currently locked up or is Krem…I mean WH, allowing them to still be reviewed while the warrants are being challenged. And according to the news, at least those reporting on this have said a general warrant was used to conduct this questionable raid. Here is the definition of a general warrant’s scope;

“A general warrant refers to a warrant providing a law-enforcement officer with broad discretion or authority to search and seize unspecified places or persons. A general warrant lacks a sufficiently particularized description of the person or thing to be seized or the place to be searched. General warrants are unconstitutional because they do not meet the Fourth Amendment’s specificity requirements.”

If in fact a general warrant was issued for this search, it’s a blatant violation of the  Fourth Amendment. Not that matters to the Uncle Joe regime, which doesn’t seem to care about something as minor as those pesky Constitutional rights.

If there are documents and material that were being held by Trump in violation of classified documents laws, there needs to be an accounting, but how this was done is far more egregious.

This, along with the Pelosi case, makes me believe the (National Socialist) Democrat party leadership truly believes they are above any law that would apply to us peasants and would have us tossed under the jail never to be heard from again. Queen Pelosi’s husband got away with not only almost killing someone while drunk, but got away with virtually no punishment and in essence bribing the person he hit by buying them a new car to replace what they lost. And why were both airbags in Pelosi’s car deployed? Who else was in the car and where are they?

Oh, I forgot, the “rules for thee, not for me” applies here because of who it is.

The (National Socialist) Democrat party is moving as fast as they can to get their agenda done before (hopefully) they are thrown out of power.

“A republic, if you can keep it.”

Alan Marshall