Search Destroyed Confidence In Government

Dear Editor,

The republic is in serious danger. And the primary source of the danger is the (National Socialist) Democrat party using doddering Uncle Joe as cover. If Joe knew about the search of Trump’s home, he needs to be impeached and prosecuted for abuse of power. If he didn’t know, he needs to be impeached and removed from office for incompetence and lack of control. Either way, this more than anything proves the federal government is no longer what it was. It is no longer of the people, by the people and for the people.

Is Trump pure as driven snow? No. Did he do questionable things? Yes. Name a modern president who hasn’t. The difference is, you have a supposed American political party that has cast off the disguise and shown who and what they really are. And if any Democrat politician wants to survive as a politician, they will be rushing the mics not only condemning this action but joining the people and demanding an accounting from their leadership, or at least what leadership that’s left over after the courts get done with them.

This action has destroyed what confidence the people have in the FBI and the DOJ, not to mention the federal government overall. This action has the potential for setting the stage for an armed revolution.

The Republicans have been handed the elections on a silver platter, both for 2022 and 2024. The (National Socialist) Democrat Party has finally pushed things to the point that the Republican Party must now start playing by the (National Socialist) Democrats’ rules. The gloves must now come off. We the people need to demand to see the justifications for what has been done. Because if they can do it to someone like President Trump, what chance do we stand? Remember, they have been dancing around the Hunter Biden thing because it has the strong chance of putting Daddy Joe in jail.

We the people must demand access to all the information. This whole thing needs to be watched oh so carefully. (National Socialist) Democrat Party, if you honestly want to show how open you are you will allow the Republicans to select their own team to join an equal number of your party to investigate the whole thing … in public!

Our republic is in extreme danger. Remember, this is our government. I’m not advocating armed action …yet, but it’s getting awfully close.

Then there’s the IRS.

Alan Marshall