Dogs Bite

Dear Editor,

I understand Sheriff Rogers wants a lot of pictures taken at election time … but, as I continue to see the public display of irresponsible and incompetent behavior by the current sheriff, I am at a loss for words. First, Sheriff Danny Rogers is not a certified or trained law enforcement K9 handler. The picture posted on the Guilford County sheriff’s office Facebook site is displaying a dangerous and high liability situation that could have easily evolved.

Second, this is the elected sheriff of Guilford County holding a type of K9 capable of a serious bite, whether trained, or not, in close proximity to a citizen attached to a lead several feet away from Sheriff Danny Rogers and he is not in a position to respond if an event evolved to the need of immediate control of the K9.

Responsible leadership and the capability to lead the sheriff’s office professionally is at stake and on the ballot starting at “early voting” Oct. 20 and Election Day Nov. 8.

We have to get this right.

Phil Byrd


Our Country On The Line

Dear Editor

With the help of two RINOs, Joe and his happy band of (National Socialist) Democrats and their ilk managed to pass the “Assault Weapons Ban.”  Those scary black guns that look like Army guns!

In all seriousness, it shows how they secretly know they are about to get handed their butts in the upcoming elections. What needs to happen now is the two RINOs need to be confronted, on camera, not by the usual mouthpieces, but by regular voting citizens who will not let them weasel out. They are still whining about the overturning of Roe v. Wade and how they want to show us how they are in charge and will try to pass laws to make it legal again.

As I said earlier, they are trying to get as much power under their control as possible as quickly as they can. They know they’re going to be wandering the wilderness for a while after the election. Another thing they are trying to alter is how Supreme Court justices are treated. Their ultimate goal, if you look at their plan, is to arrange the replacement of justices in such a way that they will eventually have a majority at any time that will go their way.

Our country, our system of government, our way of life is on the line here. They will keep working it until they have things their way and from a legal standpoint will be in charge. Unfortunately, if and when that happens there will only be one way to set things back to the way they are supposed to be. We are already seeing a micro-version of how it will be with the City Council of Greensboro and to some extent the Guilford County Board of Commissioners.

If you are one of those that blindly vote party lines, you are dangerous, very dangerous. Research those running, ask hard questions and don’t let up. Biden was elected because it was “his turn to be president.” We are living with the results, and will be for a while. Don’t get that “Trump ain’t running so I ain’t voting” attitude. Unless the Republican is a child molesting, hard drinking idiot, give them a chance. We can’t do any worse than what’s there now.

The chances of the gun grab succeeding are slim, but then everybody said the same thing about Biden and look.

Come and take them.

Alan Marshall