COVID Lockdown 2.0 On Its Way

Dear Editor,

Here we go again …

“Medical establishment hypes lockdowns while mask regime signals a return.”

Herr Biden, being “advised” (controlled) by the (National Socialist) Democrat Party and their medical lackeys, is laying the groundwork for COVID Lockdown 2.0 and begin brainwashing the uneducated masses.

I’m not a drone. I’m not a serf. I’m a free, independent thinking American citizen. I don’t need someone who sees themselves as my all-knowing parent telling me what is and isn’t right for me. What I do need is the unfiltered, unbiased facts about the situation so I can make logical decisions on my course of action, not what these lords and ladies tell us what they think is best for us. If they can prove masks and shots are needed, I’ll get them.

What’s scaring me about this and other things is how we’re seeing the Republican and the (National Socialist) Democrat parties fighting this out. In the meantime, I’m not seeing a lot of action on so many other things that are important to the safety and security of this country. How much attention is being paid to the situation of our schools, our cities and our ability to be a free and independent people? What they’ve managed to do is wave their right hand saying “watch this” while undermining our individual liberties with their left. “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain,” and from what I can see, it’s working. But abortion, which is now and should have been a state issue, and gay rights, which is an issue only because the mainstream media has made it so for their masters in the (NS)DP are, according to the left, going to destroy America. There are already laws on the books to protect everybody’s rights. We’re not forcing gay people to wear a pink G on their chest, but we may start seeing R’s and ‘C’s if they have their way. I don’t agree or approve of the lifestyle, but then there are lots of things I don’t agree or approve of.

I believe this is going to be a sign of how the election will go next year. If enough people think like me, I believe conservatives/Republicans will get back in power, hopefully in a big way. If not, then we need to remember the words of Capt. John Parker at the Lexington Greene on April 19, 1775.

Carpe diem,

Alan Marshall


Supports Nikki Haley For President

Dear Editor,

I enjoyed watching the Republican debate and am now a supporter of Nikki Haley for president.  Not because she is Republican (I am registered independent) but because she spoke to all Americans and used words such as “consensus” and addressed issues that would be acceptable in part for all Americans.  Her comments that stood out to me:

  • Her position on abortion.  She is personally pro life but believes we need to stop demonizing the issue and move away from a federal abortion ban.
  • She acknowledged Trump as the most disliked politician in America.
  • She supports helping Ukraine fight back against the evil of Putin.
  • She acknowledges the increased spending during Trump’s presidency and the economic impact of the tax cuts for the wealthy (i.e., that spending is a Washington problem – not a party problem.
  • She promised generational change.   (i.e. she isn’t over 80 damn years old.)
  • She acknowledges climate change as real and dangerous.

It was refreshing to hear a Republican candidate that attempted to speak to all Americans versus frame the left as the enemy and “dangerous” to America.  Finally, someone in the conservative party that believes in all Americans.

Good for her,

Christian Rice