God Bless Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

Dear Editor,

Not taking away anything from Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida, a man who’s done much and we all need to pray will run for POTUS. And if/when he does, he names Gov. Abbot as his VP. They won’t Make America Great Again; they will make America Greater Than Before. If they were to be elected, (National Socialist) Democrats, liberal whiners, environmentalist wackos, giant mice and others of their ilk who put down America, will provide a brief time of entertainment for the rest of us as we get to watch their heads explode. And BTW, I know the VP position is filled by the president, not by election.

Add to this the House and the Senate going red; hopefully with a large majority in both chambers, it will make for a very interesting swing in our standing in the world, restoring us to where we should be.

I would love to watch President DeSantis turn to VP Abbot as soon as the swearing in was completed and sign the document giving VP Abbot the responsibility for the southern border and simply saying, “You now have carte blanche. Make it happen.”

Is there a place for former President Donald Trump in a DeSantis administration? Most definitely. And I hope Gov. (President) DeSantis finds it and appoints him.

A DeSantis administration would restore the pride and drive we as Americans had under Trump. If the Ukraine situation is still going on I can’t help but believe Putin would stop the fighting and call the White House asking President DeSantis, “can we talk?” China and North Korea would slow or stop their charades and do the same. America would soon return to being the voice in the world because we would once again have a president with a backbone, not a place for the (National Socialist) Democrats to stick their hand to control a near senile old man. I believe a DeSantis administration would listen to both sides and decide what’s best for all of America, not just one side.

Again, you go, Gov. Abbott! A DeSantis/Abbot administration is what we need to restore America, restore our economy, restore our pride and restore our place on the world stage.

We’ve been the silent majority long enough.  In the words of Howard Beale, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

Carpe diem.

Alan Marshall



Vaccine Delusion

Dear Editor,

Today, April 6, it became known that both Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff and this administration’s attorney general, Merrick Garland, have contracted COVID, despite being “vaccinated” and boosted.

In his Twitter comment, Schiff even said that he was “grateful to be vaccinated and boosted” – as he broke the news that the “vaccine” had been completely ineffective, repeatedly. That is surely the definition of delusion.

Despite what this administration told you and sold you, despite the wall-to-wall selling of the toxic clot shot by the media, despite the social pressure to comply, obey and submit, the truth is that these toxic injections are neither “safe” nor “effective.”

That’s why they granted complete legal immunity to the drug companies who manufacture them.

Dare to think for yourself.

Austin Morris