Not a Police Fan

Dear Editor,

The sentiments I recently expressed in this column regarding the psychological profile of police officers have been assailed and challenged by someone who is not brave enough to disclose his identity. Since penning those letters, an unarmed man has been shot 20 times by police in his grandma’s back yard in Sacramento. A certain Danny Ray Thomas was shot and killed in broad daylight at the side of a highway in Texas for “acting in an erratic manner,” and it has been declared that another unarmed black man from Louisiana, Alton Sterling, who was shot in the chest while he lay on the ground will have his killers go scot-free, without even being charged.

But Mr. Anonymous, whoever he is, would like us all to know that every police officer he ever met seemed to be a very nice person. Well isn’t that sweet?

So who is being sophomoric here? And who is being factual?

High control, low intelligence people with machismo fantasies about dominating others are naturally drawn to law enforcement.

Austin Morris



Assault Muskets?

Dear Editor,

I was watching Tucker Carlson Monday night and he had a congresswoman talking about the gun control issue. He did two things that bothered me. He never attempted to correct her when she constantly used the term “assault rifle,” but what really made me choke on my drink was when she said in reference to the Second Amendment that back in the day it was put in the Constitution, “it would take several minutes to reload an assault rifle”.


That was the second thing he did. He never called her out on that incredibly stupid, ignorant comment. So I guess if you can fire, reload and fire a musket quickly, it qualifies as an “assault rifle.” All righty then.

But the liberal, socialist Democrats are attempting an end run around the whole gun control issue. They’ve decided that if they can’t get the guns, they’ll go after the ammunition. As one of them put it, “There’s no constitutional right to bullets.”

This past weekend they had a “children’s march” for gun control. I have no problem with them voicing their opinion. Problem is, it wasn’t their opinion. It was the propaganda that was force fed to them by taxpayer-funded socialist brain washing specialists that hide under the title of educators. Not all educators fall under that. There are some very good ones who try to teach facts but then find themselves being brow beaten into toeing the socialist line.

And who allows them to get away with this? Look in the mirror.

But back to the “children’s march.” Who wants to bet this wasn’t paid for by them donating their milk and lunch money? And what was up with Hogg and his raised fist salute. Looked a lot like Chavez.

People need to be looking at the big picture. While it’s very obvious our Second Amendment rights are under assault, what is not being given the same level of attention is the attack on our First Amendment rights. As someone once said, “We have our First Amendment rights because of our Second Amendment rights.”

I love my country and my countrymen. I believe in and support the Constitution. I gave 20 years of my life defending them. That being said, I fear my government, Democrat and Republican alike.

Oh, and potty mouth Hogg, we’re a republic, not a democracy. Get an education.

Go Galt and save the republic.

Alan Marshall



Heavens and Hells

Dear Editor,

In the age of fake news, we can only guess why Jesus spoke in parables. But there must have been a reason, like maybe most of us learn more from questioning things than from accepting speculated claims from others.   But Pope Francis is reported to have said, even to an atheist, there is no hell it is news. It’s nothing new that a scripture’s meanings have been challenged or misquoted, but after so many years of accepting hell as a place, maybe its time to look at it as a condition that binds us to its falseness.

Don’t we all have our ups and downs that equate to heavens and hells but aren’t they also changeable? We obviously live in a finite creation that challenges every opposite until we finally accept an infinite and immortal truth as our truth. Do we really need separate religions or even separate words to explain this?

We all know, without questioning, what is right or wrong for us and we are all in a place now that somehow equates to where we need to be. In the study of other religions, the Zoroastrian seems to be our oldest and it gave us, “good thoughts good words and good deeds,” a belief that’s still valid in all religions today and the first to introduce us to angels, demons and saviors and to another god we have named as our lawmaker and to their god-men; like Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed (prophet) who taught us similar values of good over evil. They were different but shared many of the same truths we share through our Bibles, Korans, Avestas and Vedas today.

Hindus do no believe in miracles as coming from God, but Christians still point to Christ Jesus as once dead but now alive forevermore, on this Easter day in 2018. Happy Easter.

Ray Hylton



Seeking Proof

Dear Editor,

At formal meeting of Summerfield Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) committee on March 15, it was presented as credible (emphasis) fact by Marlene Sanford, president of TREBIC, that published report “US Geologic Survey Water-Resources Investigations Report 97-4140” (hereafter referred to as “Report 97-4140”) is debunked – debunked sufficiently that it should not be considered relevant by the UDO Committee for purposes of their deliberations. Moreover, the specific (claimed) reason stated by Sanford that Report 97-4140 is debunked is because the report calculations did not take into account septic wastewater recharge back into aquifer storage as result of use of on site septic.

After reading Report 97-4140 again this week, I find zero credibility in underlying claim by Sanford. Within Report 97-4140, the authors provided two example analysis of maximum development density in Guilford County, each using two different methods to calculate sustainable recharge. In both cases the authors explicitly state on site septic is assumed. The authors also state that although there will be some loss due to evaporation through soil and transporation (uptake by plants), that this loss is negligible compared to volume returned to aquifer storage and for purpose of the calculation (in report) that 100 percent of septic wastewater is assumed to return to aquifer storage.

Based on my attendance at UDO Committee meeting immediately following the one where Marlene’s presented, it is clear most committee members now accept that USGS Report 97-4140 lacks credibility – specifically because of statements by TREBIC president at the March 15 UDO committee meeting. UDO committee members are repeating statements made by Sanford, expressly attributed to Sanford’s presentation, as “fact” to other committee members and likely beyond. UDO Committee members are considering statements made by Sanford in their deliberations, this despite USGS Report 97-4140 containing clear language completely opposite of statements by Sanford.

I hope you all understand the seriousness of the situation as I now see it.

USGS Report 97-4140 remains an actively published report by US Geologic Survey. I wish to be provided verifiable proof, in writing, that this report lacks the credibility stated, for the reasons stated at the March 15 UDO Committee meeting. Absent proof, having both attribution and subject matter expert verification, I will call for remedy (remedies) for what has taken place.

Dwayne Crawford


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