An Increase By Another Name

Dear Editor

As a candidate and former representative of Greensboro City Council District 5, I urge residents to beware of a political tactic to increase your taxes without calling the plan a tax increase.

In December 2021, I became the first candidate to announce publicly that I would support a revenue-neutral tax rate after the significant increase in your property evaluation.

Simply put, there is a mathematical formula that would allow you to pay the same amount of property tax after your value increases.

During the last evaluation, that formula was 2.11 less than the rate at that time. It’s a political scheme that allowed the city to extract over $5 million from your pockets.

As eight of nine of your current council voted to increase your property tax rate three years ago, do not expect them to be taxpayer-friendly this time.

Support for public safety, fiscal responsibility and making Greensboro a more business-friendly city are among my top priorities this election. Unlike what you have now.

Tony Wilkins


Just A Messenger

Dear Editor,

A reply to Dori Goebel:

These are your words that confirm exactly what I am saying about the out-of-control crime and traffic law violators in Greensboro! In fact, I couldn’t have said it any better. Don’t shoot the messenger, Ma’am.

Your words, Dori! “Why don’t you write letters complaining about the citizens that don’t follow the laws because they know they can get away with their bad behavior, instead of bashing our chief and officers.” So as you are saying, many disrespectful citizens of our community conduct themselves in this manner because they know they can get away with it? One plus one equals two. Your statement confirms our laws are not being adequately enforced by our city and county law enforcement agencies.

Furthermore, I have absolutely no empathy for a city whose police force is short staffed. This phenomena began over 12 years ago when then Police Chief Wayne Scott announced he would no longer enforce all traffic laws in Greensboro. I didn’t realize he meant GPD was not going enforce traffic law hardly at all.

Since I know the next defense from those that don’t understand how important this issue is, don’t even try to blame it on the budgets. The City Council once again funded Yvonne Johnson’s “Cure Violence” program at $400,000 a year even though there have been no proven results from their activities! Such conduct and smell of nepotism has become a much too common scene with our elected officials and their cohorts.

Yvonne Johnson – Cure Violence Project

Michelle Kennedy – Neighborhood Development Coordinator

Zack Matheny – President Downtown Greensboro Inc.

Skip Alston – International Civil Rights Center and Museum


Jim Donaldson