Illegal Aliens Will Replace Population Of Nine NC Cities

Dear Editor,

Illegal aliens can replace the entire population of High Point in two weeks.  Government data shows that since October 2021, US Customs and Border Protection agents have encountered and dealt with 1,217,802 illegal aliens at the southern border.  The monthly average is 202,967.  At this rate, in less than 14 months these illegal aliens can replace the entire population –  every man, woman and child – of Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Durham, Winston-Salem, Fayetteville, Cary, Wilmington and High Point.

If Joe Biden and the Democrats eliminate Title 42, as they have promised, the monthly average will triple to more than 540,000 illegal aliens each month and these nine cities can see their entire population replaced in just five months.

North Carolina citizens and taxpayers will be forced to pay for food, shelter and medical care for all these people.

If only 1 percent of these illegal aliens have COVID, 5,400 more infected people will illegally invade our country each month.  If only 1 percent of these illegal aliens are criminals, each month, 5,400 more criminals will rape, break into your home, steal your car and deal drugs.

Demand Biden keep  Title 42 in place.  If you don’t, expect these criminals and sick people to show up on the front door of your house.  By the way, the other 529,000 will be there too looking for a handout, at your expense.

Ken Orms


Conflict Of Interest Is No Problem

Dear Editor,

Most interesting was that to current Mayor Nancy Vaughan the most important issue in a debate was choosing to attack mayoral candidate Justin Outling about the occasional conflict Outling had to recuse himself from a City Council vote due to a conflict of interest.

Pitiful point is in that Outling is honest enough to recuse himself from any issues that is a conflict of interest. Justin is a very admired lawyer that works for perhaps the most prestigious law firm in the state and maybe the country. His prestigious firm is Brooks Pierce. Conflicts only represent his knowledge of all that is going on in Greensboro and his honesty is to declare not to compromise his interest and interfere.

Justin’s legal expertise is only another reason to Vote for Justin Outling for mayor. Our city has been overwhelmed by frivolous lawsuits. Don’t you think a brilliant legal mind will help make our city better?

Jim Donaldson