Congress Goes After Supreme Court

Dear Editor,

Anybody watching the (National Socialist) Democrat Party’s attempt to covertly usurp the way our founding fathers set up our government?

The (NS)DP has made an attempt to bring in the chief justice of the Supreme Court to testify before a Senate committee on Supreme Court ethics reform. Because the chief justice has refused to appear in front of them, they’re talking about taking action on their own.

Look at this from this angle … Dick (The Turban) Durbin, someone who has made it no secret about his alignment in the past, wants to dictate to the Supreme Court how they should conduct themselves. This committee is undoubtedly majority Democrat or Democrat leaning RINOs and they want to begin the process of undermining and eventually being able to control the court. The (NS)DP has been having kittens ever since they lost control of the court because of their comrades being in a major minority and therefore cannot push their liberal/socialist agenda onto the American people

The three branches of our government were established in such a way as to be able to ensure no one branch was more powerful than any other. Those that consider themselves our lords and ladies have grown bold to the point of deciding they need to do whatever is necessary to enact their agenda and rework the system of government put into place by the founding fathers to suit them. This is, IMHO, the nose of the camel under the tent that could, could lead to a loss of control of our government and put it in the hands of those that claim to know what they know is best for us. The Dems have, in the past, tried to conceal their attempts to change government to suit them and their puppet masters. Now that they have doddering Uncle Joe in place for cover, they’re becoming more blatant about their intentions. This also shows how a lack of teaching U.S. history and government is coming back to bite us.

Chris, chris, and all their other aliases along with their “friends” will be screaming conspiracy theory and other such things. Again, look deep into my eyes and see if you see a little man jumping up and down screaming “I care.”

“Give all the power to the many, they will oppress the few. Give all the power to the few, they will oppress the many.” Alexander Hamilton

Carpe diem & molon labe,

Alan Marshall