A Salute To Specialist Bishop Evans

Dear Editor,

They just announced that they found the body of Specialist 4th Class Bishop Evans, a member of the Texas National Guard and part of the mission on the border between Texas and Mexico. He jumped into the river when he spotted two illegal border crossers trying to swim across the river who appeared to be drowning. He lost his life trying to save them.

These were two illegal border crossers (strike one) carrying illegal drugs (strike two) into our country (strike three). How often had they done this and were they ever caught before this? Did they report the loss of Specialist Evans or did someone else?

At this point I dare … dare anyone … anyone to speak disparagingly about Specialist Evans. I am 69 years old but I’ll gladly meet you on the courthouse steps and, while I may not win the fight, I will do my best to show you how soldiers stand together.

Specialist Evans served in the National Guard after serving on active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan supporting Special Forces and other active duty units.  And for anyone who speaks disparagingly of this man just because he was black, I and an overwhelming majority of Americans want a piece of you. As I used to tell my soldiers “skin color doesn’t mean squat. It’s what runs under it that is the only important factor.”

Biden and his administration have a share of blame in the loss of this brave and unselfish soldier. But I’m sure all we are going to hear is lip service from him and the other toadies under him. I wouldn’t want him or his flunkies at the funeral. This includes his main flunky the VP. She would only show up because he was black.

Specialist Bishop Evans, I salute you, sir. I would’ve been proud to have had you as one of my men. I can only hope that you are awarded the Soldier’s Medal, which for those that don’t know is the highest peacetime medal that can be awarded. It is the peacetime equivalent of the Medal of Honor.

Biden, this hero’s blood is on your hands, yours and the rest of you ilk.  But unlike this soldier’s family and friends, I know you will sleep at night with no problem.

All service members, active, reservists, non-active and retired take a moment and render a hand salute to this man.

Alan Marshall, USA, Retired