Contreras Chose To Reward Teachers Not Students

Dear Editor,

The Guilford County school board superintendent wants a $35 million increase in funding from the county for schools beginning in July this year.  Part of her budget calls for an increase in salaries and bonuses for teachers and staff.  But you see there is a problem.  Late last year Superintendent Contreras found almost $1 million in the school board checkbook, so she gave it away as bonuses to teachers and staff.  I know that’s crazy, right?

She didn’t do anything for students – the whole reason we have schools – and she didn’t buy school supplies or food with the money.  No, she didn’t do anything for the students.  She passed out taxpayer money to teachers and staff like she had just won the lottery.  She and the school board are obviously more concerned about passing out bonuses and rewarding staff for not working in the classroom for an entire year than she is for providing learning opportunities, food and other essential services for children.

Then about two months later, she asked for another $3.5 million for the current school year and the Democrat controlled county board of commissioners gave her the money.  I guess Ms. Contreras wanted to pass out more bonuses and rewards to teachers and staff.

Let’s see why Contreras wants $35 million more money from Guilford County taxpayers.

She says some of the money would go for tutoring and extending day learning.  She could have done some of that with the money she wasted on bonuses last year.  But she didn’t.

She wants to raise teacher pay to retain educators.  Retain teachers?  Are you kidding me?  Teachers have not been in the classroom for over a year!  Does anybody really believe that a teacher is going to sell their home and move to another city for more money?  Selling a house and moving costs tens of thousands of dollars and that teacher would be at the bottom of the seniority list at any new school district.  Do you really think anybody would actually do that?   Would you?  I didn’t think so.

If I were a county commissioner, the very first thing I would do is to chop $1 million from the school budget to make up for the taxpayer money Contreras wasted on bonuses to teachers and staff last year.  The second thing I would do is to cut at least $17 million from her obscene and outrageous request.  Given her track record and questionable decision making ability, I would find it hard to believe any justification from her for more money.  Of course, the Democrat controlled County Board of Commissioners will probably say ‘”It’s for the children” and promptly ignore common sense, ignore facts, ignore basic math, ignore logic and give Contreraswhatever she wants.

Spend more, tax more.  Democrats are very good at that.  Conservative Republicans exercise good judgment, logic and require accountability.  Guilford taxpayers had that when Republicans controlled the Guilford County Board of Commissioners.  Now we are stuck with a Democrat controlled school board and county board of commissioners.  A school teacher is even on the county board of commissioners!  I wonder if she will vote on the school board budget?  Don’t let the Democrats waste your hard earned tax money.

It is past time to call your local representatives and demand they stop passing out taxpayer money to the school board or anybody else who thinks like the school board.  If you don’t, expect to see your taxes go up every year.

Ken Orms