Looking For A Genuine Conservative On The Ballot

Dear Editor,

Perhaps I’ve just grown too cynical, but I think the breathtaking hypocrisy of our local politicians is simply hilarious.

We have Zack Matheny’s advertisements on billboards and in this organ, which highlight his first priority as “Public Safety.” Really? This guy got so drunk while driving that he had to pull into a Harris Teeter parking lot and sleep behind the wheel. But now he’s all about public safety. Yeah, right.

And longtime Oak Ridge Councilman George McClellan is advertising that he will oppose any property tax increase. Good! I look forward to him proposing a massive property tax rate cut here in Oak Ridge to offset the big increase in the valuation of our homes. But I won’t hold my breath because this RINO has never lifted a finger to grant a teaspoon of tax relief to the people of Oak Ridge, and he’s been on the council for years (decades?). What a hypocrite. We have a property tax three times that of Summerfield – and it has never bothered him before.  But now he’s “fighting for our values.”

Yeah, right.

It must be an election year. If I can find a genuine conservative, I’ll vote for him, or her. (Margaret Thatcher was my hero.)

Austin Morris