Queen Needs No Padding

Dear Editor,

There are many factors that place Billy Queen apart from all the other GOP candidates for sheriff of Guilford County, but the one that matters most to me is – he doesn’t have to pad his resume.

Billy has worked at all levels of law enforcement, including management positions, from local to federal. He is an internationally recognized expert on criminal gangs, he is a sought after speaker at law enforcement seminars and conferences, and he is a published author of non-fiction books on law enforcement.

Everyone else is attempting to justify their candidacy by claiming that mid-level management positions, or stagnated careers, provide the broad experience that is needed to return the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department to a first-rate level. We need a department we can be proud of, and which will provide the level of protection and experience that county residents deserve.

The only person on the May 17, 2022 GOP primary ballot who can honestly say they possess the qualifications to do the job is Billy Queen. He gets my vote.

Darlene Schadt