Unchecked Illegal Immigration Will Destroy Our Country

Dear Editor,

Title 42, the federal guidelines that were supposed to control illegal immigration, is due to expire very soon, if it hasn’t already. This means something like 12,000 illegal aliens a day will be crossing the southern border with little to no control. 12,000 a day!

How long before the same applies to all of our borders?

How long before people realize they don’t have to wait years to get American citizenship when all they have to do is enter through Mexico?

Folks, if and when this happens we can say this country – a country that millions have fought and died for since its inception, a country that has been built from the ground up with the sweat and blood of millions since its inception, a country that has literally saved the world multiple times – will have finally been flushed down the toilet by leftist/socialist/communist/liberal tree hugging parasites that make up the minority of this great country.

And before anyone tries to say that Title 42 was in place under President Trump, so he is just as responsible, is lying through their teeth. Under Trump Title 42 was working, albeit not as effectively as it could, but only because it hadn’t been in place that long. But it was beginning to have a serious effect and, given more time and assets, would have had a serious effect on illegal immigration.

I have no problem with legal immigration and the people that follow the rules to enter this country. I have no problem with allowing people like the Ukrainian refugees that are fleeing the war. The majority are looking for someplace safe to stay until they can go home, like those that did during WWII. I welcome and support them 100 percent. Non-productive human parasites are a different matter altogether.

I already hear the ugly things and names being said about me and really don’t care. I’m too damn old to care.  I spent 20 years serving in parachute infantry and special operations defending the rights of everyone, legal and illegal alike and I’m proud of it.

Thank you, Biden. Thanks for destroying it all with the stroke of a pen on day one of your rule. You and the useless individual calling herself vice-president and the “people” I listed earlier that have the audacity to call themselves Americans.

2023 and 2024 can’t get here fast enough.

Alan Marshall