School Board Should Seat Logan

Dear Editor,

As a tax paying, contributing and involved resident of Summerfield, I am disheartened and frustrated with the Guilford County school board and Bill Goebel.  Bill Goebel wasn’t elected by District 3 constituents nor nominated by the Republican Party to replace the vacant seat.

Michael Logan was nominated per policy to fill Pat Tillman’s seat.  Because the Democrat led board didn’t like his policies, they opted to put their pick, Bill Goebel, in that seat.  They (the board chair and attorney) schemed that plan in a secret meeting that Goebel attended.  The NCGA passed a law on Aug. 17 of this year clearing up any loopholes or ambiguity that the rogue members may have used to justify their secrecy, strategy and plan.  Yet, Goebel and the Democrats on the board still refuse to follow the law, decent etiquette and the communities wishes.

Michael Logan was and is a great person to represent District 3 on the school board.  He served as an educator for 26 years, received accolades and rewards and was (and is) respected and liked by staff and students.  Throughout this unfair process, he has maintained a positive and professional attitude.  His willingness to still serve is a testament to his resolve and dedication to our schools and students.

The latest attempt by the board in seeking additional counsel for how to proceed is disgusting.  The board is directly ignoring laws they don’t like and making a mockery of our general assembly.  Perhaps it is time to either disband this derelict board or cut off their funding, effective immediately.

District 3 needs and deserves a representative who will fight for our children now.  Stonewalling and obstructing is shameful!  I ask that those doing that would put their agenda aside and for once think about and do what is best for our students.

Elena Wachendorfer