More Logical Election Suspicions

Dear Editor,

The 2020 election was full of suspicious “issues” that logically destroyed voter confidence.  County election boards defied state law by allow voting by mail and drop boxes.  Private groups funded biased election board activities.  Two large urban areas stopped counting votes simultaneously.  One didn’t explain why.  News agencies reported 100 percent of votes as counted, only to see counting continue.  Even when a more exact percentage of completion was given, it did not match mathematically.  Several of the “groups of votes that came in” were 100 percent for one candidate despite being too large for this to be statistically probable.  At least one vote should have been for the opposition candidate, even “evil Trump.”  This is especially puzzling since as evil as Trump is labeled, he did much better than even previous Democratic presidential candidates in several urban demographics.  A candidate actually lost votes several times.  Days later, “vote counting” continued with little end in sight.

In comparison to 2020, this election year ran smoother.  However, vote counting takes suspiciously long.  Some “experts” claim taking more time increases accuracy.  It also increases voter suspicion.  The more time for counting the more time for manipulation.  As an analogy, the longer you leave a bike unattended while going into a store, the more likely it is to be stolen.  Like it or not, despite “expert opinion,” this is logically suspicious.  In historical context, Kennedy famously went to bed not knowing he won the presidency in 1960.  He awoke the next morning to news that he won.  In 1960, with less technology, it took less than 24 hours to count votes.  Yet today, with all our technological advantages, sophistication and “superior caring,” it takes almost a week!

Recently, there have been several legitimate reasons for voters to be suspicious.  We need to stop attacking people for logical concerns and start fixing problems.  If our grandmothers and grandfathers could count ballots in less than 24 hours, why can’t we?  Instead of discounting suspicions, attacking the suspicious, we need to fix the system.  There are several legitimate questions that require answers for voters to be calmed.  First, why did the voting system break down to require a recount?  Did a similar system break down before or in any other locations/states?  Why is it taking so long to conduct the recount when predecessors did more, nationwide, in less time?

Alan Burke


Stand Up For What’s Right

Dear Editor,

Back when I voted for the first time, 18-year-olds were given the right to vote. We found out basically that night, albeit very late, who won. It was the exception, not the rule, that some results weren’t fully known until a day later. Early voting only applied to absentee voters. Yet we knew the results in a day or two. Now we have voting season and wonder why it takes so long to do a simple count. Go figure.

If you insist on early voting, make it the week prior to Election Day, which should become a national holiday. Where are the excuses in that? And then there’s mandatory ID for voting. And before you whiny liberals start complaining, to my knowledge all states provide ID for free.

I realize the (National Socialist) Democrat Party would declare all this racist voter suppression, but show me how? You can’t. What you wouldn’t like is how much harder it would be to cheat by, oh, say letting someone that’s dead vote. Or someone who is not a legal citizen vote. That is what the (NS)DP fears more than anything, a free and fair election.

On the subject of illegal immigration, the answer is once again simple. When caught, they are taken to one of several locations with gates that only work one way, processed (name, vital personal info and a photo) and sent back south through that one-way gate. What they do on the other side is entirely up to them. As for Mexico and their government, they now become their problem. After all, they let them in in the first place. If they wish to apply for asylum, do it from their home country.

As for the fentanyl epidemic killing our young people, once again the answer is simple and to the point. If you are caught and convicted of dealing in this poison, the automatic sentence is death. Don’t pass go, don’t collect $200. It’s a substance that kills; you knew this when you sold it, yet did so anyway. Actions have consequences. By federal law, conviction of treason is an automatic death sentence, why not this?

We can’t give the (National Socialist) Democrat Party and anyone who is trying to destroy America any slack. We as a free nation are on the brink of socialism/communism. We must stand up and fight for what’s right.

Carpe diem.

Alan Marshall