Higher Fees Means Fewer Homes And Higher Taxes

Dear Editor,

In a Jan. 14 newspaper article, Interim High Point City Manager Randy McCaslin said new water and sewer upgrades will cost $150 million.  He said homeowner rates could increase 4 percent to 6 percent or they could make builder fees 10 times higher.  Apparently, he and the council think new High Point developments should pay for the entire cost of the upgrades.

The city wants builders and developers to pay fees that are 10 times higher than they currently pay.  One development on Penny Road will see fees increase from $43,000 to $450,000, while another 164-unit project on North Main Street will see fees increase from $99,000 to $524,000.  There are also three other new senior, affordable housing apartments and single-family houses being proposed in High Point.  In total almost 600 new units may not be built because of these outrageous fees.  Is the High Point council and city so “unwise” that they think the residents of these 600 new homes and any future developments should shoulder the $150 million it will take to improve the water and sewer system for the entire city? What planet are they living on?

If these senior citizen, affordable housing apartments and single-family homes are built with fees that are 10 times higher than they are now, the price of each home will increase by about $3,200.  That will make it impossible for some people to buy a home and apartment rents will be higher.  Fees that are 10 times higher will force builders to avoid High Point like the plague.  They will build where they are not punished by outrageous city fees.  When this happens, and it will, there will be slower or no growth in High Point, which will lead to higher property taxes for everyone.  These higher fees will absolutely impact the stadium and companies considering developments there.  Why would any builder build anything in High Point when fees are 10 times higher than they are now?  Would you buy a car from a dealer whose prices were 10 times higher than another dealer?  Of course not.  Think a grocery store can afford an additional $500,000 in fees?  Those higher fees will impact food prices.  Builders view fees the same way.  Outrageously high fees will force builders to avoid High Point.

Remember this when Jay Wagner or other councilmembers ask for your vote.  How can you trust their judgment?  Their actions and decisions prove they are unworthy of your vote.  Remember this when your water rates go up another 4 percent to 6 percent, builders stop building in High Point, development around the stadium come to a halt or all of the above!

Come next election, let’s sweep Jay Wagner and others out of office and elect people who use common sense and want High Point to continue growing not shrivel up and die.

Ken Orms