Tax Exempt Property Not Good Solution

Dear Editor,

Regarding the High Point stadium catalyst project, we have a TIF area that is already deep in tax-exempt properties. This afternoon (Thursday) we learn that High Point University may be planning to build a satellite building or buildings plus graduate housing in the TIF area. This equates to yet more tax exempt properties in the TIF acreage.

The very idea that a TIF area comprised of so many tax exempt properties can possible repay a $35 million bond ($50-plus million repayment cost) is absurd.

The county commissioners were right to ask the questions they did and now, more than ever, they must decline. This has been a shaky financial deal all along, and now, even more so.

Frank Swanson




NC Whip for Hoffmann

Dear Editor,

This letter is to express my support for Nancy Hoffmann’s reelection to the Greensboro City Council.

Over the last few years I have observed Nancy’s work on the City Council. I have been impressed with the time, energy and dedication into her job. She is accessible to her constituents and she works hard to address their concerns.

There have been occasions when I contacted Nancy to seek her assistance with a local matter. In each case she was very responsible and adamant about resolving the issue. This is exactly what people want from a local representative.

Nancy brings a responsible approach to the work she does on the City Council. She is reasonable in her stance on the issues and she is results-oriented. Her understanding of business and development are an asset for the city.

If you live in Greensboro City Council District 4, please consider casting a vote for Nancy Hoffmann. Her track record merits her reelection.

Jon Hardister

NC House Majority Whip




Soured on Hoffmann

Dear Editor,

I was a campaign worker for Nancy Hoffmann during her first two campaigns.  We became good friends.  I supported her with unlimited volunteer time and financial help.  Her second term was in disarray over Hobbs rezoning issue. Residents of District 4 and others wanted to speak to Hoffmann.  She maintained a public “no decision had been made” policy and declined to respond.  She did meet with and sat with Halpern at the final public meeting he arranged and said nothing.  I could no longer support her.

She worked diligently with Halpern to structure a “yes” vote speech prior to the council vote.  She ignored the thousands of residents of District 4 who opposed the commercial rezoning.  The content of her speech was demeaning to honesty and intellect.  This parcel of land has become the “Hoffmann legacy.”

Do we want Hoffmann for District 4?  Reflect on our values that were so blatantly ignored.  Hoffmann did not care how we felt, period.  She possessed superior abilities to decide what should be done.  I thought we were to be represented by her, not ruled but what she thought.

District 4 needs a new leader accountable to our values.

Judith W. Howle



Hoffmann Responds

Dear Editor,

On May 2015, the City Council voted 7 to 2 to rezone properties at Hobbs/Friendly for a mixed-use development. This was the third rezoning attempt. Previous proposals were commercial only.

This less commercially dense design included a residential component, allowing better integration into the surrounding neighborhood.

Adjoining neighbors most affected – First Lutheran Church, Hobbs Landing and Wedgewood Heather Court homeowners – reached agreements with Halpern and did not oppose the rezoning.

Contrary to Judith Howle’s inaccurate statement in the News & Record, I never sat with Halpern representatives in a public meeting. That would have been entirely improper as District 4 and City of Greensboro representative.

My records indicate 98 emails and 19 meetings regarding this Hobbs/Friendly rezoning. I tried to answer every email and met with everyone who requested, including Friendly Coalition leaders, their attorney and Hobbs Landing homeowners.

Subsequently, I asked the City Council to authorize the Friendly Avenue Corridor Study to aid District 4 residents and the City Council in future rezoning requests.

The Friendly Avenue Area Plan adopted in 2016 is an amendment to the Generalized Future Land Use Map (GFLUM). The plan had significant participation and input from all stakeholders and city staff, including two public meetings and online surveys.

These are the simple, clear facts.

Nancy Hoffmann

District 4 City Council Candidate



Opioid Epidemic

Dear Editor,

From this morning’s Sun News: It is a disease … that is getting worse: OpioIds are deadlier than cars and guns.

The paper reported that more people died by plunging a needle, snorting a line or swallowing opiods in Horry County last year than at the hands of another human – 101 to 100.   This is a resort area (Myrtle Beach), but how do we compare in Guilford County, and when do we finally look within ourselves instead of just blaming the object we control?

Ray Hylton


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