Thanks, Jack Phillips

Dear Editor,

As a scientist, I agree with the Supreme Court decision regarding Masterpiece Cake Shop.  No president or governor, no matter how popular, should have the power to grant protections to ideological/political groups. A politician cannot reward his/her base by preventing opposition’s freedoms. The ability to disagree is inherent in our constitutional rights.  By creating a protected minority for ideological/political constructs, every constitutional right is threatened.  This is the greatest threat to our democracy.

Some authors claim that the court ruling is dangerous because it allows for discrimination.  It is far more dangerous to force society to accept an ideological/political belief.  The idea of protected class of people makes sense for those groups that are currently accepted.  The current groups cannot change their minds.  They cannot hide themselves, or self disclose.  Society cannot prevent an African American from knowing who they are.  You cannot explore what it is like to be an Asian American.  No amount of arguing or social pressure will prevent these individuals from knowing who they are.  This is evidence that the currently proposed protected minority is purely ideological.

I agree with the authors who posit that allowing behaviors to be made protected minorities then not enforcing the protections damages the laws.  It waters down the laws needed to protect individuals who require protection.  However, we disagree because this is the reason to not add behaviors/ideology/personal preference to list of protected minorities. Adding these groups to the group of protected individuals is the problem. Adding behaviors, which individuals have a right to disagree with, to list of protected minorities, endangers the laws intended to protect individuals that cannot change their minds.  We have an inherent right to disagree.  We have an inherent right to vote and have our votes counted regarding these laws.  The Supreme Court defending protections for one political group yet not for another is the problem.

The reason why we are at this juncture is that the Supreme Court severed “love” from religious and biological importance.  It became a purely emotional/ideological construct.  If society wishes to make a purely ideological/emotional construct a protected minority, society should make an amendment to grant that right.  The Supreme Court caused this by neglecting the ramifications.  The entire society was better suited to weigh effects than the courts.  We have been forced to defend ourselves since.

Alan Burke



Socialism’s Paradise?

Dear Editor,

Everyone needs to turn off the idiot box and social media and try to learn what is actually going on here and around the world.

For example, Maduro’s Venezuela is in the final stage of collapsed socialism. The rigged election is enabling Maduro to hang on a while longer to extract the dwindling loot of the Venezuelan people. He, his family and his enablers are looting the last of billions of dollars from the country while tens and hundreds of thousands of people get out of the country if at all possible.

The currency is virtually worthless. People are using barter to get whatever they can. The same thing is happening in Venezuela as happened in Germany in the 1920s – rampant inflation in order for the government to pay their debts, which incidentally will happen here within the lifetimes of most of us.

The once prosperous city of Caracas is now the murder capitol of the world. Of course, citizens are not allowed to own any firearms and are at the mercy of the police and military. Of course, government officials, police and the military get their essentials directly form the government. This government is supported and controlled by such stellar states as Cuba, Russia and Turkey among others.

This is the socialist paradise that Bernie Sanders and the left want to push on an uniformed and apathetic electorate. Why do they want to destroy our country? To enrich themselves at our expense, of course. Karl Marx said that there are three things that a government must do in order to control the population – control the press, control the currency and control the guns. How are we doing on that?

E.R. Harris



Stay Focused

Dear Editor,

The Democratic, socialist, liberal left has lost its collective mind – from Democratic politicians trying to convince people the improving economic is a bad thing to their sycophants in the news and entertainment industry attacking President Trump and his family in vile, disgusting ways and then saying, “It’s his fault we did it”.

The Republicans/conservatives have a very good opportunity to defy the odds and retain control of both chambers in the midterms. Democrats are in such a frenzy, showing up in the forms of the various out-and-out dirty personal attacks. Their master plan of forcing President Trump out of office by creating a scandal out of whole cloth has not only failed, but is in the process of backfiring on them, exposing their long hidden secrets.

An additional benefit of all this will hopefully be the prosecution of the Hildabeast for the damage she has done to this country. And don’t forget the other aspect of all this, that being Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz and the guy she hired who not only scammed the government but most likely stole data from Wasserman Schultz, other Democratic politicians she put him in contact with most likely was the source of the hack on the Democratic National Committee. That would be why they wouldn’t let the government conduct the investigation. It would have shown it was an inside job. Remember all the smashed hard drives and the computer Wasserman Schultz made threats to the Capitol Police over?

This aspect of the socialist left’s attack on the American way of life may be thwarted, but the other fronts are still active. Li’l Boss Hogg and his band of child social justice warriors (by the way, who’s funding them?), the various college campuses pushing Marxists philosophy, and, of course, the mainstream media are other attempts.

But don’t think the forces for what is good and right are stagnant. There is a strong probability President Trump may get to make another Supreme Court appointment before 2020. And the Senate is busy cranking out judicial appointments as quickly as possible.

What needs to happen is for like-minded people to get out and vote in November. They also need to educate their friends and family members on what is happening and get them out to vote as well. The Democrats are starting to panic. Republicans/conservatives need to stay focused. We can win.

Go Galt and save the republic.

Alan Marshall


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