Now Just One Minute

Dear Editor,

I would to respectfully reply to a couple of the letters sent in by readers in your last week’s edition.

First is a response to Mr. Jon Muffley who speculated that the Glock pistol being issued to the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department has a flaw due to not having a manual safety. The fact is that the Glock pistol in question is a DAO (double action only) model and is not intended to contain a manual safety. As in nearly all DAO pistols regardless of the manufacturer, a very, very heavy trigger pull is provided to serve in place of a manual safety. A heavy trigger pull would be anything over about 3 pounds. The Glock’s trigger, as Mr. Muffley stated, is rated at a pull of 6 pounds. Anyone that is familiar with firearms will quickly tell you that a 6-pound trigger pull is a far, far cry from a “hair trigger.”

Second is a response to Maureen Parker, who lamented that overturning Obamacare will result in the loss of health care for millions of Americans. She asked if we should leave these people to “die in the streets?” Surely she must know that Obamacare resulted in the loss of health care for over 16 million Americans who had previously been able to afford it. I am one of them. Would Ms. Parker prefer that I “die in the streets”?

The idea that Obamacare has all Americans covered with health insurance is a myth. For every person that gained coverage under it, another lost their coverage because of it.

Richard Bostik





Dear Editor,

Saving Earth for tomorrow requires commitment today. Saving Earth means caring for trees, water, birds, animals and air.  It means supporting environmental programs and electing people who will protect this beautiful planet, which is our home.

On the outskirts of Greensboro this afternoon, I passed acres and acres of devastation.  Land on which magnificent trees provided coolness and shade, where birds and wildlife flourished, was laid bare. I could hardly look.  This is not progress. This is wanton destruction.

Maureen Parker



New Civility Pipedream

Dear Editor,

As most people have, I’ve been following the attempted assassination of Republican congressmen at a practice ball field in Virginia. Our own congressman, Mark Walker, was there. And while both sides of the political spectrum have bemoaned this horrible action, I can assure you that the progressive Democrats are essentially pleased.

This is the kind of crisis that they yearn for, that they lie about and distort, in order to discredit anyone who disagrees with their policies of anger and hate. Within days they will twist this event to imply something that is not. They will tell any lie to deflect the fact that the shooter was a rabid, hate-spewing Democrat who worked for and supported Bernie Sanders while professing his hated of Donald Trump.

And if you believe these people are going to change, you couldn’t be more wrong. Even though they’re nattering about a “new civility in political dialogue,” they don’t mean it. They will continue to demean and degrade everyone that doesn’t bow down and kiss their feet while handing them their wallets. These people are haters and nothing will ever change them.

They will continue in their ways by implying that everyone has “freedom of speech.” So they’ll listen approvingly to some worn-out old rock star barking into a microphone that we should burn the White House down, presumably with Trump in it. Or think nothing of a nitwit comedian with the head of the president covered with blood. Or a play – put on at taxpayers’ expense – depicting Trump’s assassination. Or listen to some brain-dead Democratic congressman, in the well of the House, screaming for Trump’s impeachment. And, of course, the newest of the Democrat glamour class, both males and females, using language so obscene and vile that 50 years ago it would have condemned them to obscurity and possibly a mental institution.

But this is how you corral these people and put them in their place. The two things that puts the fear of God in them is reality and truth. They can’t deal with either of those. They must have their utopian fantasies that they hope to impose on all of us. But it can only be imposed if we agree with them and their ideals.

Don’t. Tell them to bite you. That you don’t believe it. And that you’re sick and tired of their horse hockey. Words have meaning but their words are all lies.

America, these people are really sick puppies. Reject them. Just say no.

J.W. Forster



Icy or Hot?

Dear Editor,

How much truth is there to the climate change “certainty” espoused by scientists?  When my grandmother was a child, she remembered the talk of a new ice age coming. It was also espoused by scientists at that time.  It has not happened and now, with a mean earth temperature of 59 degrees, that also matches earth’s mean temperatures of thousands of years ago, many see this as but another cycle of weather changes and another fiasco.

President Barack Obama,  however,  saw it as a certainty and mainstream media people ran with its ensuing hype.  This, as always, leads the way for some to bank millions of dollars and for others – like coal miners, in this case – to lose.  The “talk” of my grandmother’s childhood was the exact antithesis of the current climate change talk espoused by our latter day scientists that we now seem to worship.

But should we?  Well, we need cleaner air and should consider their opinions, but also accept them for what history has proven them to be – everything from highly accurate to highly distorted.   If politics enters into this equation, it’s more likely about money than common sense or the actual reality, but if fish really start swimming in Miami streets, this could quickly change our minds.

Ray Hylton



Right For Once

Dear Editor,

The Southern Baptist Convention finally did the right thing after doing the wrong thing. Southern Baptists did the right thing by supporting a resolution that decries every form of racism including alt-right white supremacy.

At first, Baptist officials did the wrong thing because they weren’t going to allow a vote on the resolution. Luckily enough people went online and started complaining. The resolution was rewritten and passed, but not unanimously. The Southern Baptist Convention used to support slavery and segregation, so this is a big deal. I wonder why it took so long.

Chuck Mann



Over the Top

Dear Editor,

The shooting in DC should be the clarion call to Americans everywhere regardless of your political stance.

Yes, there have been acts of violence on both the left and right in the name of politics by misguided, radical individuals on both sides. But this one goes over the top in that a significant number of elected officials of a specific party that were gathered in one place were targeted for assassination by a person whose intent was to change the dynamic in Congress by whatever means he perceived necessary.

Had it not been for the presence of the Capitol Police assigned to the House whip, this sick left-wing radical could have executed – and that’s what it would have been – several Republican members of Congress, bringing near chaos in the legislative branch.

What you are not seeing is the lapdogs in the mainstream media screaming about how this individual was motivated, pushed and cajoled into this action by left-wing talk shows, commentators, attack ads and Democrat politicians who insinuate or in some cases outright call for violent physical attacks on the other side.

When you can advocate, encourage and even provide material, legal and financial support for the killing of convenience of unborn children, I guess you can easily shed crocodile tears (only for the sake of appearing to be appalled) at what happen without risking the loss of your base.

If the Democrat left wants to be taken seriously, then every time one of the bused-in, paid antifa mobs goes on a rampage, attacking people and destroying property, they should be the first in front of a microphone openly, clearly and loudly denouncing not just the action but the people who organized and participated. But that won’t happen because even they can’t be that hypocritical.

Some people are saying this was the opening shots of the new American civil war, and if it happens it truly will be a civil war, but of the worst kind. Not one of open warfare but of ambushes, backstreet shootings and executions. In other words, the kind of thing you see going on in third world countries or in Mexico with the drug gangs.

If it is, let’s hope God hasn’t turned his back on us for all the things we’ve let happen in this country, because we will need his help.

Go Galt and save the republic.

Alan Marshall




Checking Out Fun

Dear Editor,

Many public library systems around the country participate in the Zoom Pass system as a service to those with a current library card.  Alamance County offers this service, and I believe Guilford County should provide it for its citizens as well.

This is how the system works: Alamance County Public Libraries has a website where a library card holder can reserve a specific date to use a Zoom Pass for the day, picking it up at the library in the morning and returning it by late evening the same day (in the book deposit slot).  These passes are good for free admission for up to four people at various attractions around the state.

In the case of Alamance County, these passes can be used at the North Carolina Zoo, the Greensboro Children’s Museum, the NC Transportation Museum (in Spencer), the Durham Museum of Life and Science, the Kidzu Children’s Museum, the Maynard Aquatic Center, the North Park Pool, the Family Fun with Alamance Arts, and the Painted Grape: Craft & Paint Studio.  If Alamance County can do it, why not Guilford County?

It would provide opportunities for educational and fun things to do for our families, especially those that do not often have the funds available to visit these places.  The staff persons with whom I spoke associated with the Guilford County library system could not tell me why they do not provide this service.  I would suggest that it would be a valuable addition to the opportunities for the people of our county as well.  It would look good on our county resume when companies consider locating here, as well.  Who can make this happen, I wonder?

William D. Courter


Editor’s Note: Guilford County does not have a library. Greensboro, High Point, Gibsonville and Jamestown all have libraries, and they would be the ones to contact.



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