Half Truths Are Fake News

Dear Editor,

The Associated Press may well be the most prolific source of “fake news” on the planet. By using carefully crafted phrases and terms intended to mislead and misinform, they attempt to steer public opinion to the side of the alt left.

For instance, how many times have you read an AP news item stating that North Carolina HB2 “limits protections for LGBT persons.”

While this is partly true, by failing to report what those limits are, they have and are purposely misleading the public. As it turns out, LGBT protections are limited to the very same protections as everyone else. This is hardly discrimination and is, in fact, equal treatment for all persons under the law.

Then we have last week’s AP reports on various “immigrant” rallies and protests. A closer read reveals that these so called “immigrants” are actually in the US illegally. In other words, they are illegal aliens, not mere immigrants. Calling them immigrants is tantamount to calling someone that enters your home uninvited a guest.  If everyone who enters this country is termed an immigrant, how do you differentiate between those who enter legally and those who sneak in illegally? The AP would rather that you didn’t.

These are only two examples of how the AP reports half-truths and uses clever word play to distort facts, mislead and influence that great mass of citizens who have neither the time nor inclination to dig for actual facts.

Frank Swanson



We Still Have Heroes

Dear Editor,

On Friday, Jan. 27, 1967, I was just a few months past my fifth birthday.  Like a lot of boys my age I was interested in anything that had to do with space travel.  My particular favorite astronaut was Gus Grissom, if for no other reason than that his name was Gus.

That night I was at the dinner table with my family.  As was the custom in our family at the time, we watched the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite.  Roughly about halfway through the broadcast it was interrupted by the news that there had been a fire aboard Apollo 1 while they were undergoing a pre-launch test and that astronauts Gus Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee had been killed.  This hit me hard and I remember having a real bad “cow” about it.  I mean these guys were my heroes.  These were men who the writer Tom Wolfe quite correctly pointed out had “The Right Stuff.”

Recently, John Glenn died.  Before he was selected to be an astronaut, he, like all his fellow astronauts, had been a military test pilot. Glenn himself had set the record for the fastest cross-country flight.  They were worthy heroes to be looked-up to.  Some like Gus, Ed and Roger made the ultimate sacrifice.

Friday, Jan. 27, 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of this disaster.  The nice thing is that today there are still heroes worthy of our admiration.  The next you are out driving and you pull up to a cop at a stoplight, give that person a thumbs-up.  By chance that person might be having a lousy day and your thumbs-up might be just what they need.

Jim Bailey




Dear Editor,

Wah-whah, I need my diaper changed. Ooh, I’ll melt in the rain on Inauguration Day. Boo hoo, we lost the election. Not going to play with nasty Republicans. Going to block legislation. Lying Hillary is the real president cause she lost the Electoral College. Grow up, Democrats.

Ed Philpott



It’s About Time

Dear Editor,

If there were any still on the fence as to how they view the “tolerant” liberal left up to this point, what happen at the inauguration should tell you where the left leaning social justice whiners and most Democrats (there really are some out there that are worth keeping) are about.

Sixty-eight Democrats, who shall be referred to as democriers, boycotted the event, and I say good. That made more room for real Americans. News flash: You weren’t missed.

As for the lawless mobs that did their best to disrupt, destroy and otherwise ruin a traditional event, I can only hope that they won’t exercise catch and release as they have in the past and instead treat you as the feral creatures that you are and lock you up for an extended period of time.

The Constitution, which they obviously despise but are quick to run and hide behind, gives us the right to assemble and express our opinions peacefully. Key word there – peacefully. The (nowhere near) million women march was an example of a peaceful protest, not the “march for women’s rights” it was advertised to be. It was political. Look at who were the big name speakers and their messages.

Trump’s inaugural speech came close to channeling Reagan in its theme of how great America can be. The leftist globalists screamed hysterically about it being dark, Hitler-like and bigoted. How dare he declare America first? How dare he put American interests first?

My answer is simple: It’s about time.

My interpretation of his intent is to make America a strong world power again in order to both protect us, the American people, and to have the ability to influence world events to ensure that safety and protection through strength both perceived and actual. When you’re the biggest and baddest in the valley, they might talk trash about you but they won’t go any further. It’s called peace through strength.

If we are going to help (not support, help) others in the world, we first need to be the best we can be. Only then can we stand beside others to give them the assistance they may need.

Answer this question honestly: Would you deny your family and give your property, food, blood, sweat and paycheck to people who are capable of helping themselves, but won’t? Not can’t – won’t.

Not me.

Go Galt and save the republic.

Alan Marshall



Peaceful Protests

Dear Editor,

Those who are openly protesting for fair and equitable rights for all are doing it the right way. But, in addition to protesting, they should also vote. (If they don’t vote, they have no right to complain and protest.)

Then they should augment their concerns by writing to their elected local, state and federal political representatives (city council and county commissioners, state and federal House and Senate members, and don’t forget the president – Donald Trump – and vice president – Mike Pence.) A letter (or email, but a letter is best) does more good than public protests. Elected officials do keep stats on who and how many letters (and emails) they receive.

Ramon Bell


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