Refreshing President

Dear Editor,

It has been a little over three months since Donald Trump won the election, and since that time the left has done everything they can to make his job as president as difficult as possible.

For starters, Democratic Party members of all levels, including the press, talked about how important the peaceful transfer of power is, yet they have failed to deliver. If they truly cared about the state of our nation, they would not work so hard to sabotage Trump in the media – even calling for his impeachment on Inauguration Day. They take to the streets and set things on fire, criticize and hold up his cabinet nominees and set an awful example for their party and its constituents. Many of those who get in conservatives’ faces and destroy property are full of hate and may even be paid to commit anarchy. These people will never support President Trump and his agenda, so we need not waste our time trying to get them to understand.

We need to let President Trump know we support him by sending him postcards, emails, tweets etc., as well as by working through our county, state and national GOP, along with our GOP women’s clubs. I am proud and heartened by the way President Trump has conducted himself in office as well as the agenda he is promoting. He is doing what he told us he would do in the campaign. It is refreshing.

Joanne Wittenborn



It’s In The Middle

Dear Editor,

Propaganda as defined by the Oxford dictionary: Information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view. Synonyms: information, promotion, advertising, publicity, spin, disinformation, counter-information, agitprop, info, hype, plugging, puff piece, the big lie.

News as defined by the Oxford dictionary: Newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent events.

What word is missing from those definitions?

Facts as defined by the Oxford dictionary: A thing that is known or proved to be true. Information used as evidence or as part of a report or news article. The truth about events as opposed to interpretation.

Based on those definitions, can you honestly say that all news media are giving you the facts about most everything going on in the world? Maybe we should redefine names: ABC, CBS, NBC Propaganda, Cable Propaganda Network (CPN), Fox Propaganda. To understand my point, look at the last definition of the word “facts.”

As an example of how lazy the overwhelming number of people are, if you were to read the above paragraph to them verbatim, they would say something like, “so all news organizations lie about everything.” In fact, what I said was “most everything.” There is a difference between my statement and theirs.

Words have definitions, but most of society either doesn’t know or ignores that fact. Take the phrase, “You can’t do that” when applied to a particular act or action. Most people use that phrase to apply to something you are not allowed to do. “What they actually mean is “you aren’t allowed to do that.” Being able to do it and being allowed to do it are two different things.

News outlets (try to) avoid lying. If they didn’t they wouldn’t last long. But they will alter, maybe by omission or interpretation, maybe by using incorrect definitions, facts in order to put across what they want you think and believe. Why do you think media outlets are the first thing seized in a takeover?

Don’t be lazy. Do your own research. To get as close to the truth as possible, look at all media sources and extract the common items. There are almost always nuggets of truth in each. That’s where you will find things you can fairly rely on. Remember the old saying, “The truth lies somewhere in the middle.”

Go Galt and save the republic.

Alan Marshall



Side Chosen

Dear Editor,

As usual, I’ve been following with interest the nattering and whining of the politically correct left over President Donald Trump’s recent executive orders concerning immigration. To hear them tell it, he’d sat a 2-year-old out in the winter snow to die. Of course, they’ve always been over reactive when they didn’t get their childish tantrums sated. Frankly, it appears that the Democratic Party has decided to divorce itself from our American culture.

Not that this is unusual. They’ve been doing it since the ’60s, when they decided that reality was a waste of time and what the country really needed was a utopian fantasy that they could rule over. As such, the rights and freedom of most Americans has been greatly diminished. Immigration is just the latest manifestation of that fantasy.

Why are we obligated to take these people in? What will they be to us, other than a burden? And that’s what they will be. The vast majority of them will be unable to function in any meaningful manner in our culture and economy. Can the majority speak English? Doubtful. Do the majority of them have work skills to sustain their lives and their families? Again, doubtful. It needs to be understood that the principal exports from these countries, and Mexico, is poverty and problems. They ‘re not enhancing our society; they’re degrading it.

This, sadly, is what the progressive liberal Democrats seek. They want a population that consist of the “lowest common denominators.” They know how easily they can be manipulated, bribed with welfare checks and convinced that middle America is their real enemy. They know how to do it. They have been doing it to African Americans for years. Unfortunately for the Democrats, an increasing number of black Americans are beginning to understand their actions and are beginning to turn on them. This, of course, angers them.

The progressive liberal Democrats, lacking intellection and ethical standards, have literally evolved into the party of the mob. They have a need for large numbers of people standing in the streets screaming, waving signs and destroying other people’s property and lives. This is their current foundation of power. And now they need a new mob, and they see massive immigration as a way to acquire it.

America – pick a side.

J.W. Forster



Not My Governor

Dear Editor,

I just need to vent a little about Mr. Cooper.   I refuse to call him my governor because he does not represent my views and beliefs. I obviously did not vote for this joke of a PC politician

He did not do his job as North Carolina attorney general. He refused to defend certain laws of this state. His reasons were economics, he didn’t agree with the law and think those laws represent who we are.

Mr. Cooper, you were elected by the people of North Carolina to enforce the laws of this state, so help you God. You don’t get to choose which ones you follow and enforce. I certainly don’t get that option.

What makes you think you get special treatment? Because you’re a Democrat, liberal, progressive, politically correct sycophant. In the old real world you would be out of a job, but in politics you get a promotion. How messed up is that?

Mr. Cooper, sir, you are the worst kind of politician. You don’t really want the best for everyone in our state, you want to be able to tell everyone how to feel and act in your messed up worldview. I am so tired of Obama, you, Democrats, Republicans, sports figures, entertainers, business owners, religious leaders and anybody else I have neglected to list here thinking they have any right to tell me how I should feel, what I should think and – the biggest one – who we are.

Shut up and just do your job. I don’t want to hear a lecture from my 80-year-old dad, whom I greatly respect. I sure don’t want to hear one from any of you fools who think they know best for everyone

All I keep hearing is what about this groups rights or that groups rights. What about my rights, Mr. Cooper?

Eric Lowe



Define Setback

Dear Editor,

Regarding a recent column by Leonard Pitts on black setbacks in the News & Record, I would like to tell him to get a life. He doesn’t know what a setback is.

I am 86 years old and never remember six million blacks being slaughtered as were the Jews during World War II in Nazi Germany. Being robbed of all their possessions, strip naked, forced into rooms under the pretense of taking a shower, gassed to death, their hair cut off, the gold in their teeth stolen, then their bodies pushed by steam shovels into mass graves.

I wonder what he would write about if he were Jewish? Yes, they’re still are some individuals that are racists, but I guarantee you that more white people help black people than black people help blacks. He should direct his column to his own kind, since over 90 percent of blacks are killed by blacks.

Jess Grassi


Waiting on the Thunder

Dear Editor,

It’s been almost as easy to catch a streak of lightening as it is to predict President Donald Trump’s next executive order, but one thing has changed: We are feeling more proud of our country now.

No nation on earth has less to apologize for than we have. But sure, we could have done better.  In other words, we were not perfect, but to say “two, four, six, eight –America was never great” is not accurate, and those ranting these words have another agenda with a viewpoint that has never made any nation proud or great.

Economically, we can be quite proud, and as the melting pot of many, no other nation can match our compassion for reaching out to so many.  The best of our past leaders has risen above party politics and led by using good old common sense.

In this regard, I recently read a good quote: “Commons sense is a flower that does not grow in all gardens.”  It is destroyed from empowering the weeds of pseudo truths from either the left or the right, but most recently from the left.  In truth, our flower must touch both sides and re-balance in the middle.

Ray Hylton



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