Schools Choose Waste Over Toilet Paper

Dear Editor,

The same Guilford County school system that claims it doesn’t have sufficient funding to buy supplies for school classrooms, and in some cases not even enough funds to stock the school restrooms with toilet paper, has budgeted $200,000 and will now likely spend $1 million on a “facility study” to determine if their current facilities are meeting the needs of the students.

I hope every taxpayer in Guilford County is as outraged as I am. All this nonsense about not having enough money to buy basic classroom supplies and yet plenty of money for frivolous studies. This is just one more instance of our school system having so much money, in fact, that it has to think up ways to get rid of it all. And the list of such egregious waste goes on and on.

It has become obvious to me that the yearly plea to the county commissioners for more money, backed by claims of teachers having to buy their own classroom supplies, etc., is a carefully planned ruse. The Guilford County school system obviously has the money and simply underfunds their own schools and classrooms in an attempt to “poor mouth” the commissioners into giving them even more of our tax dollars.

Any school system that can afford to spend $1 million on a facility study and yet claims they cannot afford to stock the classrooms with supplies or the school restrooms with toilet paper should be called on the carpet either for gross financial mismanagement or outright lying. Somebody should get the axe.

Dick Bostik



In Cold Blood

Dear Editor,

There is a video online of a police officer shooting an unarmed man while he is on his hands and knees.  Police body camera footage shows a police officer named Sgt. Charles Langley ordering Daniel Shaver to crawl toward him. Mr. Shaver begs the police not to kill him, but Officer Philip Brailsford shoots Daniel Shaver five times.

The police officer was fired two months after the shooting, but not because of the shooting. Brailsford was fired for violations of departmental policy, including unsatisfactory performance. Mr. Brailford was found not guilty of murder.

I think that this is shameful and disgusting. No one, especially a police officer, should be allowed to kill an unarmed person who is on their hands and knees begging for their life. No police officer should have a “license to kill.”

Chuck Mann



Looks Like High Level Corruption

Dear Editor,

It’s been said over and over be careful what you tweet/text/email because it never goes away and will come back to bite you on your backside. Especially don’t do that when talking about potentially nefarious, possibly treacherous schemes you and your mistress may be hatching in the office of your boss, an assistant FBI director.

Congressional investigators as well as the inspector general of the FBI need to get on this and stay on it like a dog worrying bone. (Hillary) Rod(ham) Rosenstein did his best to deflect it but it didn’t work. That one text has attracted a whole lot of interest and added to the problem of what is looking more and more like corruption in the nation’s most powerful law enforcement agency.

First, there were no documents on the tarmac meeting then suddenly there were (“we somehow over looked them”); then there was the exoneration of the Hildabeast by a simple rewording of a statement that said in essence, “move on, nothing to see here.” And that was written before any questioning was done – without recordings or records being kept, not under oath, with witnesses/accomplices present (who later themselves lied), by an agent now known to be sympathetic to the suspect, who rewrote (at who’s behest?) the aforementioned public statement for his boss.

Then there is the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant. Somehow, the warrant application has to be classified triple top secret – to be revealed to no one under threat of death – if anyone asks, the dog ate it. Not even the people you answer to are allowed to see it because if it’s discovered the dossier that was bought by the opposition party and candidate and that we didn’t verify was used to get it, the whole case falls apart like wet cardboard.

Throw in the lynch mob brought together to “investigate,” a senior agent being demoted after he lied about a meeting and it was found out later his wife worked for the crew that compiled that highly questionable document (steaming pile) and you have to ask one question: Is it me or is a pattern starting to emerge here?

Notice we are talking about very high-level people here (political appointees), not the majority of hardworking, honest, dedicated field agents and administrators within the FBI. Wouldn’t you love to hear what they have to say about this off the record? Bet you couldn’t print it.

Go Galt and save the republic.

Alan Marshall




Standing for Right

Dear Editor,

Recently I received a note from Jon Ossoff who ran unsuccessfully for a seat in Congress from a district on the edge of Atlanta.  In it he said some things that all those serving in elective office or who plan to do so should take to heart, and it has universal application for us all: “We didn’t get the result we wanted, but we made huge inroads in by taking a stand on the right side of history.  We showed that fear and division are not the way forward, but instead values of equality, respect and community are what unite us and will surely guide us to a brighter future.”

Amen and amen.

Bob Kollar



CDC No-No Words

Dear Editor,

So now the Trump administration has forbidden the Centers for Disease Control to use seven specific words in its formal communications.  These words are fetus, evidence-based, science-based, vulnerable, diversity, entitlement and transgender.  What ever happened to free speech?

Maureen Parker



Thanks for Taxpayers

Dear Editor,

All of the improvements our government has supplied us with came from our ability to tax those who have earned its wealth.  Herein, the wealthy paid, but our more liberal politicians have pointed out, in a false way, everybody but them is paying a fair share.  This has been counterproductive and untrue.

They should be given the credit for the amount of taxes they have paid so their numbers will, in time, create more wealthy providers.  Instead, the “in time” effort is overlooked and anything that does not happen instantly becomes food for more political propaganda and the growth of a once great nation is stagnated.  Thusly, their policies for helping the poor have failed.

Of course, we should all help the poor but to pretend the more liberal party is the only party that does is a gross error, but it has fooled a lot of voters for a long time.  If these policies had worked, the Communist Party would be thriving today.  Instead, their promise of one five-year plan that would work, did not, and will not in of its other 5-year promises  Why? When we look at the marvelous roads that were created by government with Eisenhower’s massive debt he laid on us to build them.  They were built by the lowest bidders by private businesses who took bids.

Ray Hylton



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