Forgiveness Not Always the Answer

Dear Editor,

I am pleased to learn that Guilford County Commissioner Kay Cashion, a Democrat, scolded Sam Funchess, president of Nussbaum Center for Entrepreneurship, for asking the taxpayers to forgive a $75,000 loan made 16 years ago. And I am angry that five knuckleheaded commissioners voted and approved this forgiveness.

I’d say the Nussbaum Center is aligned with corporate welfare and has little to nothing to do with true entrepreneurship.  Those of us who opened businesses in 2007 and 2008 learned how to squeeze the buffalo off the nickels, all the while delivering quality service, and struggle big to meet payroll and cover expenses. That’s entrepreneurship.

Mr. Funchess and his center should not have been allowed to defecate on the county taxpayers. The mighty five that approved this plunder of taxpayer dollars ought to be fired at the next election.

Henry Williamson



Murderers Yes, Terrorists No

Dear Editor,

Maureen Parker conflates violence and terrorism. Bonnie and Clyde were not terrorists, they were bank robbers.

Terrorism is a consistent pattern of violence that manifests from an identifiable credo and has a specific purpose.

For example, the IRA’s bombing campaign in Great Britain during the 1970s was terrorism. Their purpose was to coercively integrate Northern Ireland into the Republic of Ireland; their credo was Irish Republicanism with a Marxist flavor, and their atrocities were ongoing in pursuit of that goal.

Similarly, the PLO were terrorists. The Boston Strangler was not, and neither were Ted Kaczynski, Timothy McVeigh or Dylann Roof. Deranged individuals with a grudge are not terrorists. Murderers, yes, but not terrorists.

Fundamentalist Islam is a coherent creed, embraced by millions, that systematically and continually employs barbaric violence in pursuit of a defined goal – a global caliphate. That is terrorism. And no, it is not hateful to say so. It’s just the truth.

Austin Morris



Nine Bosses Not Easy

Dear Editor,

This letter is in defense of City Attorney Tom Carruthers. The complaint filed was that he gave misleading information, but Tom is no liar and I have known him for years. Heck, I live next to him. I may not agree with his politics all the time, but that’s America. He has never lied to me and I have never heard anyone in the neighborhood say anything negative about Tom.

The fact is that he has a difficult job with the City Council. He has nine people who are at times lost and do not know when to shut up. The council has two lawyers on it, if one remembers, so the council knows right and wrong.

The fault is with Mayor Vaughan and discussing the issue out in public about who voted what, Councilmember Mike Barber was right about not talking about the case if I recall correctly. The truth be told is Tom is no liar. He is a guy trying to do his job with nine emotional basket cases.

Sal Leone




To Protect and Preserve Summerfield

Dear Editor,

As co-chairs of the Save our Summerfield Committee, we want to assure the 1,300 plus Summerfield residents who have already signed the petition to amend the Summerfield Comprehensive Plan to establish maximum average residential housing density on new subdivisions that we have no intent to withdraw our amendment request nor are we accepting Summerfield Council’s attempt to sidestep our amendment request by offering to “give us back the $1,500 application fee with a promise to take the citizens interests to heart.”

We do agree density limits should be defined within the development ordinances, but do not accept claim maximum density limits are not appropriate for inclusion within the Comprehensive Plan.  The Summerfield Long Range Plan, which preceded the Summerfield Comp Plan, defined same exact density limits for OSRD and RS40 zonings, which we now call for in new zoning alternatives going forward.

The underlying interest here is to protect and preserve our critical underground water resources that all citizens benefit from equally, and to create opportunity for future generations to enjoy the same lifestyle we cherish for ourselves today.   All citizens should know the petition initiative remains active.  The petition can be downloaded at!AkBkL9XPABUkarS4picNQu2Ztbs and the return address is on the petition.

Teresa W Pegram

Dwayne Crawford





Dear Editor,

The state government of Arkansas is planning to kill seven inmates over an 11-day period.

It really bothers me that so many Christians support the death penalty. Jesus was executed by “the state.” He believed in forgiveness and the golden rule.  Jesus believed in turning the other cheek, not casting stones. Jesus said, “Whatever you do to the least among men you also do unto me.”

Prisoners on death row can certainly be considered the least among men. I am not saying that these men should be pardoned. They should remain behind bars. Many Christians call themselves pro-life. Supporting executions is not pro life.

Chuck Mann



Nine Years, $2.5M

Dear Editor,

Jeers to the Town of Jamestown for allowing Will Ragsdale to rezone property in 2008 to AG without putting a 30-day time limit on it.

Town ordinances clearly state that if not complied with, a penalty of $500 per day applies each day until work is complete. Page 1,807 clearly states that he plans to clear all trees, limbs, debris, grade and seed for pasture land. To date, this isn’t done.

Guess what, folks, this is over $2.5 million and counting. Taxpayers demand that this money be paid them immediately, since overcharging them has been obvious. Nine years is long enough, don’t you think so?

Shirley deLong


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