Dear Editor,

Wow, I’m shocked.  For the first time my grandpa voted Democrat!

He never would have done that when he was alive.

A lot of truth in this.

Ed Byrum


Democrats Support Crime

Dear Editor,

Democrats hate laws and encourage people to break laws.  They believe it’s good that citizens of foreign countries break our immigration laws by illegally crossing our boarders.  This year, more than 2 million illegal aliens will break our immigration laws.  They will be welcomed in sanctuary cities where they will receive food, housing, medical care and their children will be enrolled in schools.  All at taxpayer expense!

This fact begs the question: What other laws do liberal Democrats encourage people to break?  Let’s start with murder, rioting, rape and assault.  What did liberal Democrats say when cities across America were burned?  BLM and other rioters destroyed businesses and burned down police stations and federal courthouses. Kamala Harris forcefully spoke in favor of no cash bail and raised money to help bail out rioters from jail.  She and other liberal democrats called cops pigs, Nazi’s and the Gestapo and encouraged efforts to defund the police while being protected by their own security forces, often at taxpayer expense.

Democrats also encourage murder.  Storming the Capitol on Jan. 6 should not have happened.  However, the only person who died was an unarmed woman.  The police officer who murdered her was not charged with any crime.  The FBI may have also been part of the crowd but is unwilling to answer any questions during congressional hearings.  What are they hiding?

When liberal democrat and George Soros backed judges and district attorneys got rid of cash bail, crime skyrocketed across the country.  Duh!  Why would criminals worry about facing punishment when they know they will be back on the street before the ink dries on their arrest paperwork?

Woke and liberal Democrat mayors approved all of this so cops quit in droves because they got zero support from their governments and they were targets of criminals who decided it was okay to kill cops.

If you want to live without fear, have safe streets, your taxes used to improve schools without woke, CRT or all the transgender crap, vote for Republicancs.  If not, things will only get worse and it will be your fault.

Ken Orms


They’re Laughing At Us

Dear Editor,

With absolute power comes absolute arrogance (and corruption). As the left controls the White House, the Senate, the House of Representatives, the mass media, the social media, the judiciary, the education establishment, and the permanent state or deep state, so their arrogance grows. And so does their contempt for us.

They’re laughing at us. They ram through a bill that will spend billions of dollars of money that doesn’t exist. They will borrow it from China and let our children pick up the tab. This is the American Rescue Plan Act 2.0 – which has caused the inflation we now endure. And what do they call this bill? “The Inflation Reduction Act.” They’re laughing at us.

They announce that they have “negotiated” a plea deal with the architects of the attacks of 9/11/2021, as if these mass murderers were mere shoplifters looking for a break. And on what day do they announce this? On 9/11. They’re mocking us, and our patriotism.

In a nationally broadcast television interview with NBC, Vice President Kamala Harris repeatedly asserts that “the border is secure” – and manages to keep a straight face. Even the leftist journalist (Chuck Todd) counters that two million illegal immigrants have crossed the southern border this year alone. She just repeats the lie. They have that much contempt for us. They really believe that we are stupid sheep. They’re laughing at us.

And why not?  Half the population buys their BS, and attacks those of us who dare speak truth.

The conceit of the left is as clear as day to all who dare to think for themselves. Their hubris will only be checked by a massive reaction against them in November.

These smug socialists must be stopped.

Austin Morris