“Customer Service” and American know-how do not exist anymore.

After many long years of faithful service, our Frigidaire refrigerator finally pooped out.  Not quite dead, but too late to save economically.  Fortunately, we have a friendly back-up in the basement, so we are doing our steps every day.  So after researching ourselves to frustration, we learned a few things.

Major appliances are built to fail, some of them PFQ.  Without spending mucho dinero, generally, the best Fridges are GE & Whirlpool.  The worst for dependability were Samsung & LG.  You want one made in the USA or Canada, not in Mexico.  You do not want an R600 compressor.  All this doesn’t mean certain brands might fail right away.  It just means some are more prone than others, and that you shouldn’t expect 10-15 years anymore.  The manufacturers have made it more expensive to own in the long term, with more maintenance (just like cars).  If you have an old appliance (like our Kenmore washing machine), don’t fix it if it ain’t broke.

So we hit all the main appliance stores in Greensboro, and then some (six), and went on line.  All but one of the people we met locally did not know much about what they were selling, but only what was on their screen (which I already had).  Phoning the online businesses was 100% fruitless, we never spoke with anyone.

We finally found someone to sell us a Whirlpool (with the usual 1-year warranty), so we were sure to add on the extra 5-year warranty.  Doesn’t mean it will be trouble-free for six years, just that the service will keep it running at least that long.  After that, we will buy a back up if we don’t have one.

All of this is based on my experience and research, you may find differently.  Whatever, take the time to check it out.

Miller Forester