I was just listening to the news and a comment was made about the current situation in Gaza.

The animals responsible for the current situation (Hamas) have been backed into a corner and are on the verge of being made irrelevant when all of a sudden doddering Uncle Joe shows his true colors by ordering the withholding of military supplies from Israel. So let’s see, the terrorists who started this by going into Israel and slaughtering something like 1200+ people, the overwhelming majority of them civilians including defenseless women, children, infants, and elderly people, taking a large number of hostages (not prisoners, but non-combatant hostages) again consisting of mostly elderly men and women, children, and infants, some of whom have been mistreated to the point of allowing them to die. Yet somehow the Israelis are the bad people and need to be punished. It’s like here in America where if you defend yourself, YOU wind up in jail and have your life ruined while the bad guy walks.

We truly are living in a bizarre world.

I find it amazing how so many people have already forgotten all the bombings, rocket attacks, and shooting of civilians on the streets of Israel. Where were all the protests when these things happened? And if the purpose of all this is “liberation” of the Gaza Strip, why is nobody asking Egypt why they refused to take that area when offered. I have a very good idea why, does anybody else?

Carpe Diem

Alan Marshall