Water Is Greensboro’s Ace In The Hole

Dear Editor,

It looks like towns around the Toyota plant will have to float some bonds to pipe water into their towns. They have waited too late. Their citizens are going to suffer as building and population growth will rise to a fever pitch. They will have to build water and sewer and at the same time start running pipelines from the Randleman Lake, plus paying fees to do so. That is if the governing bodies allow them to do so.

The leaders of these small towns have dug a hole and their voters and citizens will have to dig them out through implementation of bonds and new taxes to pay them off.

They now find themselves in the position of doing what they did not want to do. That is grow and be like Greensboro and they will soon find themselves like High Point. Their borders butting up against each other. And so it continues, water rights is Greensboro’s ace in the hole.

Wilson Chandler



Supreme Court Ethics And Millionaires

Dear Editor,

I am glad that the Supreme Court has adopted a “code of ethics,” but it doesn’t go far enough. I want to know if all of the Supreme Court justices are millionaires. Where did they get their millions?

Chuck Mann