Shortages To Get Worse

Dear Editor,

We are facing a potential shortage of virtually everything we take for granted within our economy to include things like food, clothing, etc. Not because of a lack of items, but due to the inability to move them across the country.

If, IF the strike involving the rail system takes place 40 percent to 60 percent of our economy will come to a screaming halt. Your new car will be delayed for who knows how long. Stores will begin to run low on those items you take for granted. Prices will shoot up.

But, but, but Uncle Joe promised HE had solved the problem. There was not going to be a strike. Everything’s coming up roses. Joe Biden the Almighty had waved his hand and the problem was solved.


If this strike happens, it is going to be a hard, fast lesson to the rest of the country as to how powerful unions are and in some cases how dangerous they can be when you have spineless leaders that will kowtow to them at the drop of a hat.

We are part way back to being the Republic we are supposed to be.

Republicans/conservatives have taken back the House albeit by a slim majority. In two years we will have the opportunity to regain the levers of control to put the country back on the right path, Ron DeSantis as President, more veterans in Congress, and a push to return power to the people using the 10 th  Amendment. Remember the opening line of the Constitution…”We the People…” how hard is that to understand. Oh, that’s right.

That sort of history was replaced by the propaganda the far left whackos have forced into our schools in order to turn out proper politically correct little drones that have been trained to NOT think for themselves. Listen to the government…we are always right. To think otherwise makes you a rebel that must be eliminated.

The question is does doddering Uncle Joe have the male anatomy to do what Ronald Regan did when the air traffic controllers went on strike and tell them they have one chance to get back to work during negotiations or go home…forever. I doubt it. Maybe Jill does.

Carpe Diem or become serfs of the unions and politicians (the (National Socialist) Democrat Party) that act hand in hand with them.

Alan Marshall



The Three Wise Gifts

Dear Editor,

This is the month we celebrate the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ.  Many churches will hold plays and pageants, and many will follow the Advent schedule in their worship services. In this classic, wonderful account of the birth of Jesus we are told that wise men from the east traveled a long journey as they followed a Star God put in the atmosphere to guide them to Bethlehem. Although the account in Matthew does not tell us that there were three Wise Men we usually think this because they presented three gifts to Joseph, Mary and the Christ-child.

The Gold, Myrrh and Frankincense that were presented are usually understood as mere symbols. In this way the Gold is symbolic of Jesus’ Divinity, the Myrrh as His Burial, and Frankincense as His Priesthood and Prayers ascending to Heaven. But this is a misguided and wrong understanding of these three valuable gifts.

The Bible is best understood from a natural, literal viewpoint, or “What did the original writers like Luke and Paul and about 40 authors mean when they wrote their sacred writings?”

So we should view these three gifts as real, valuable, and practical gifts. Joseph, the provider of the home, would have rejoiced greatly at the gift of gold.  Soon, King Herod would issue a death warrant for all male babies under two years old, and this gold would have financed a trip to Egypt for Joseph and Mary as they fled away from the swords of King Herod. With gold Joseph could also set up a carpenter’s shop with adequate tools and supplies, along with proper living conditions.

Mary would have rejoiced greatly at the two essential oil gifts. Both myrrh and frankincense were valuable oils that could be used for pain relief, tooth aches, dry skin, cuts, and a host of other medicinal uses.

So why these three gifts? Gold, Myrrh, and Frankincense were the most practical expensive gifts that could be presented for the Royal Family. And God is still interested in presenting mankind with the most practical, most needed gifts that can be given. He offers practical help or grace for our homes, marriages, and the challenge of raising children. He presents to us hope in our hopeless world, and love to build the relationships that are dear to us.  And His peace is available to all those who are weary and heavy loaded with the sins and cares of life.

Merry Christmas to everyone,

Sid Stewart