An Unqualified Treasure

Dear Editor,

As a boy I remember being enthralled by my grandmother’s account of our street’s celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation. In 1953, Britain was still prostrate and impoverished, having suffered two global wars that had wiped out its wealth and power. But we had a new queen!

Our next door neighbor had just splurged on a television set, and half the street squeezed into Dilys’ parlor to squint at the 13 inches of black & white splendor. The joy of the occasion was evident even to a small boy 20 years later.

Queen Elizabeth has been an unqualified treasure, an entirely wholesome asset and a steadfast beacon of consistency and decency not only for my dear old country, but also for The Commonwealth and the World. Her soft influence on the British ship of state has served us well through disasters and triumphs. She has always been there; she has always been dependable. Everyone loved her. She was everybody’s mum. We miss her already.

God’s speed, Your Majesty.

And thank you, for everything.

Your humble servant,

Austin Morris