The Guilford County Joint County / Schools Facilities and Construction Committee has scheduled a work session for Tuesday, August 9 at 9 a.m. and it should be a very interesting discussion. The county has never really given a good explanation for the reason behind the new committee meetings – other than to describe them as a chance to jointly discuss the use of $300 million in school bond referendum funds approved by county voters in 2020.

But the real reason for the committee meetings is that school officials have determined that the $300 million in proposed projects listed for the 2020 bond referendum is actually going to cost about $450 million – and the county and the schools need to find a solution to that major problem.

Democratic Chairman of the Board of Commissioners Skip Alston told the Rhino Times that that cost increase is not surprising given inflation, however, other commissioners, such as Commissioner Justin Conrad, said that it's absurd to argue that a 50 percent increase can be attributed solely to current macro-economic conditions.

Conrad and Commissioner Alan Perdue both told the Rhino Times that it was very concerning that Alston refused to name any Republican commissioners to the committee.

Conrad said he feels sure Alston did that because he didn’t want anyone asking the schools the truly hard questions about the dramatic cost overruns.

The first of a series of meetings will be held in the McAdoo Conference Room on the third floor of the Truist Bank Building at 201 W. Market Greensboro.

The official stated purpose of the work session is “to discuss 2020 school bond projects and conduct any other necessary business.”

The meeting room will be open for in-person attendance for those who wish to come.

The meetings can also be viewed on Zoom with a computer, tablet or smartphone by visiting and completing the webinar registration. The meeting will also be livestreamed on Guilford County’s Facebook page.