Greensboro Intergovernmental Relations Manager LaToya Caesar-Crawford admitted to the City Council that she didn’t know that House Bill 470 was coming up for a vote on Wednesday, April 26.

Caesar-Crawford said she didn’t know because the bill wasn’t posted on the dashboard until minutes before the meeting.  However, the City Council in Winston-Salem knew the bill was coming up and sent a delegation to speak against it.  Both Greensboro Police Chief John Thompson and Fire Chief Jim Robinson knew and went to speak about particular issues they had with the bill and managed to have the bill amended.

But the Greensboro City Council didn’t know because Caesar-Crawford – hired by City Manager Tai Jaiyeoba to keep the City Council informed of what was happening in the state legislature – didn’t know that a bill to amend the charter of the City of Greensboro against the wishes of the majority of the City Council was coming up for a vote.

It’s a rookie mistake to depend on the legislative website for information about what is happening in the legislature.  Like any other legislative body, the way to know what is happening in the North Carolina General Assembly is to have a working relationship with representatives, senators and their staffs.

It appears that Caesar-Crawford has not developed those relationships, which is not a surprise since, judging from her resume, she had little previous experience in government.  Caesar-Crawford was a principal with Guilford County Schools when Jaiyeoba hired her an,d according to her published resum,e her professional experience was in education, not in government or politics.

But Caesar-Crawford’s background indicates that along with lacking professional experience in government, she has very limited experience with government at the most basic level – voting.

According to the North Carolina Board of Elections website, there is no LaToya Caesar-Crawford registered to vote in North Carolina.  However, there is a LaToya Caesar registered in Guilford County, and LaToya Caesar has voted in one election in the state; she voted in the 2020 general election in Cabarrus County.  Newspaper articles show Latoya Ceasar-Crawford went by the name LaToya Caesar when she worked in Iredell County before moving to Guilford County.

According to the voting records on the NC Board of Elections website, Ceasar-Crawford, who was hired as the intergovernmental relations manager for the City of Greensboro on Aug.1, 2022, didn’t vote in the Nov. 8, 2022 general election, but she did register to vote in Guilford County on Nov. 8, 2022.  Same day registration and voting is allowed during early voting but not on Election Day.

The available public records also show that Caesar-Crawford didn’t vote in the City Council election on July 26, 2022, or in the statewide and City Council primary on May 17, 2022.

Caesar-Crawford did not respond to phone and email contacts about her voting history.

So it appears that Greensboro has hired someone to handle its relationships with local, state and federal governments who wasn’t registered to vote in Guilford County when she was hired and didn’t vote in the one election held since she was hired.

As noted by Mayor Nancy Vaughan, because of past actions, Greensboro has a tenuous relationship with the legislature and it appears Greensboro’s intergovernmental relations manager is hurting, not helping, that relationship.