A recent study on aging in the US has some of the best news for Greensboro I’ve seen in, well, an age.

According to the report from US Money Reserve, “Greensboro is not aging as fast as the country as a whole.”

Really, that is remarkably good news, and the Greensboro City Council and the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce should jump right on that.  If any news deserves a marketing campaign to get the word out to the rest of the nation and world, this would be it.

“Come to Greensboro and Age Slower.”

According to this report, “Overall, the Northeast Corner of the US is aging most rapidly.”

It’s a little hard to put it in individual terms, but maybe some statistician could figure it out. I’m currently 69 years old, I’d like to know exactly how old I would be if I lived in New Hampshire or Maine, which is aging more rapidly.  Would I be 73 or 74?  When you’re getting up there in years you really start to notice those things.

Imagine, with the right marketing campaign, Greensboro could be filled with old geezers from the rest of the country who just want a few more years of life.

I may be old, but not too old to remember the incredible length of the year between 15 and 16 when I could get my driver’s license.

According to the report, during the past 10 years the rest of the country aged at a rate of 3.6 percent, and in Greensboro it was only 2.5 percent. Aging at 1.1 percent slower than the rest of the country is remarkable.

The study only covered the last 10 years, but if the slower aging is consistent, I am almost 9 months younger than I would be if I lived somewhere else in the country.  What great news.  If I lived in Maine, I would have turned 70 months ago, and that is not a birthday that I’m really looking forward to.