Dear Carolyn,

I have a 50B domestic violence protection order. It runs out in January 2024. I feel I need an extension. I have been reading this week about the Supreme Court considering whether domestic abusers should have guns. Under my 50B, the police collected my ex’s guns. What do you think is going on with guns and domestic abusers in the courts? Can I get my 50B extended? I am still quite afraid of my ex.

Gun Shy

Dear Gun Shy,

Concerning the extension of your 50B, I have good news! You can apply to have the 50B extended, provided you file the form for extension with the Court before the 50B runs out. You can obtain the form to extend at

Further, extensions for two years are potentially available. Please ask for a court date at the time you file the extension. The Guilford County Family Justice Center will assist you if you ask. The phone number for Greensboro is 336 641-2339, and for High Point is 336 641-2889.

Now on to the United States Supreme Court. There is a federal law that mandates that persons under a domestic violence protection order refrain from owning guns. This month, the Supreme Court heard arguments regarding whether that federal law is constitutional or unconstitutional. While I find it hard to predict what our Supreme Court might do, the bet is out that the Court keeps the federal law prohibiting domestic abusers as “dangerous persons” from owning firearms, when a domestic violence protection order is in place.

Be Safe!

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