Dear Carolyn,

My ex-fiancé and I ended our relationship.  He also took the engagement ring. I’m still paying for the engagement ring on my credit. He hasn’t made a single payment on it and the debt is in my name. He won’t give it back. Is there anything I can do?


Carolyn Answers:

While sad, the debt owed to the jewelry store is your debt. You will have to pay the jewelry store to protect your credit.

You do have a cause of action to get the ring back. He has essentially “stolen” the ring. I would make a police report for the theft of the ring. Depending on the dollar value of the ring, you possibly have a small claims court action. In North Carolina, Small Claims Court is a division of District Court where the individuals and businesses can litigate claims in which they are seeking relief of $10,000 or less. You can file such an action yourself without a lawyer. You also can recover personal property in Small Claims Court. If the ring has a value above $10,000, you will have to file a more complex lawsuit; you will likely need an attorney.

On the nonlegal side of things, you are lucky you did not marry this selfish creep. Count your blessings!



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